How To Choose A Sexual Lubricant

Choosing the right lubricant can greatly enhance your sexual pleasure whether with a partner or for use on a sex toy. It decreases the friction and creates a slippery entry for your partner or toy. When choosing the right lubricant for you it can get overwhelming, this guide will help you choose the perfect sexual lubricant for you your toys and partner to use.

Specialty Lubes for Women. Lubricants designed just for women are generally very gentle and glycerin free. This helps to prevent the possibility of yeast infections in those with very sensitive skin. Some fantastic lubes for women are the Pink Lubricants, as well as the JO Agape.

Silicone Based Lubricants. If you like to have sex in the shower but find that the water washes away your lubricant then silicone is the one for you. This lube stays slippery until you wash it off with soap and water, no need to reapply, perfect for playtime in the bathtub. Some fun silicone lubricants to try are the ID Millennium or the Pink Silicone. Silicone lubricants should not be used with silicone toys; this can slowly erode the toy’s silicone exterior.

Flavored Lubricant. Flavored lubricants are the perfect choice for oral sex. They smell and taste delicious, while making it easier to perform. Some fun tastes to try are the O’My Flavors such as Melon or Pina Colada, JO flavors such as Strawberry or Tangerine, Hathor’s flavors such as Chocolate Strawberry or Hazelnut Caramel, and ID’s fun flavors such as Bubblegum or Mint.

Warming Lubricants. To add some heat to your sex play, try using a warming lubricant. This lubricant heats up against the skin providing a fun heated tingling sensation. Some fun lubes to try are the JO Warming, ID Warming or Pink Warming.

Textures: Lubricants have a variety of textures to think about. Whether it be smooth and watery or a thick gel you should choose the right lubricant for the play at hand. Thicker textures such as Slippery Stuff are fantastic for anal play. The thicker solution coats the body and stays for longer. Thinner lubricants such as O’my Natural or JO H2O are fantastic for sex play with your partner or with a toy.

Glycerin Free. Glycerin is a type of complex sugar, and found in most lubricants. Specialty lubricants especially for women are glycerin free. This is helpful for women with recurring yeast infection or severe sensitivity.

Water Based. Water based lubricants are among the most popular lubricants. Water based is safe for all sex toys and is very easy to clean.

Using a lubricant is a sure way to enhance your sexual play and fun, and with the varieties available you will be sure to find just the right one for you and your partner. Enjoy!