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Erotic New Year’s Resolutions

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Erotic New Year's Resolutions Vancouver Canada

Do you have a new year’s resolution yet? According to a recent study, the top three new year’s resolutions are to stick to a budget, exercise regularly, and eat healthier. While these are great new year’s resolutions that can help you live your best life, here at Honey Gifts we want you to consider making a few new year’s resolutions to improve your sexual health and happiness, too! Whether you are single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, there are lots of easy and fun ways you can improve your sex life.

Get To Know What You Like – For some women, masturbation is already a part of their sexual repertoire, and that’s great! Others may be exploring their body for the first time. Keep in mind that masturbation is part of a normal and healthy sex life, and can have lots of benefits for the body, too. Sexual health researchers have found that having an orgasm releases tension, relieves stress, and can help you get to sleep. Who knew! Masturbation can also improve your partnered sex life, too. Knowing how you like to be pleasured makes it easier to communicate with your partner what you enjoy. For women that are uncertain where to begin, we recommend trying a versatile and easy to use vibrator that you can use internally for g-spot stimulation and externally for clitoral pleasure, such as the Lelo Gigi 2.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies – Getting the sex life you really want is about communicating your sexual desires and exploring your fantasies. Feeling a little shy? One way to easily bring up sexual fantasies with your partner is to read short erotic stories to each another, and then talk about what parts of the story that turned you on the most. The Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples is a short story anthology for couples to inspire and arouse you. Another great way to share fantasies with your partner is to watch adult erotic films together. Erika Lust’s downloadable adult films are tastefully erotic and sensual movies that celebrate sexuality, intimacy, and genuine passion between couples. Watching an erotic film with your partner can easily and quickly get you in the mood for a night of intimacy, and bring you closer together through your shared sexual experience. If you are starting the new year solo, erotic stories and adult films are a great way to explore your own sexuality, too.

Try Something New – One of the great things about a new year is feeling like you get to start fresh. So why not try something new that you’ve been interested in for awhile now? Whether you are picking out your first sex toy or already have a few, trying out a new adult sex toy can bring a lot of sexual pleasure and enjoyment to your solo or partner sex life. The new Fun Factory G5 Tiger Deluxe Vibrator is a USB rechargeable vibe that has stimulating textured ridges and ultra-strong vibrations. Curious about bondage? The 50 Shades of Kink: Introduction to BDSM book and Beginner Bondage Fantasy Kit will get you started. Want to try a new sex position? The informative Sex Deck accompanied by the supportive Liberator Wedge make it easy to get into different sexual positions.

Have a safe and happy new year’s from Honey Gifts!

Romantic Getaways

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Planning a romantic getaway can bring you closer together then ever before!


Planning a romantic getaway is a fun way to bring you closer together as a couple. Going on a romantic vacation together, whether you are planning a week of exiting international travel or a relaxing weekend getaway nearby, gives you and your partner time to relax and reconnect while enjoying each another’s company. Planning a romantic getaway is just like planning any other vacation – it pays to plan ahead! Make sure you pack everything you need ahead of time to inspire intimacy and sensuality on your vacation.

Planning Ahead for Romance:

– When you get the hotel and get settled, set the tone of the getaway by giving your partner an erotic massage using a romantic massage candle. Unsure how to give your partner a massage? Try out some of the easy to learn techniques in the Touch Me Erotic Massage Game.

– Get inspired by reading erotic stories to one another from the Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples book. Or try playing one of the erotic games in Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games, which includes 12 quick, sexy games to play with your partner.

– Want to really heat things up? Surprise your partner with some erotic lingerie and a couple’s sex toy to try together!

– Not sure what to bring? The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit and the Kama Sutra Weekenders Kit are specially designed with several different travel-sized romantic oils, lotions, and pleasure gels to try together.

– Make sure to pack any lubricant and safe sex supplies you might need.

Travel Tips for a Worry-Free Romantic Getaway:

– When you’re packing your adult sex toys, make sure to remove any batteries to avoid your vibrator turning on accidentally in your suitcase. Some rechargeable vibrators feature a travel lock function to prevent this from happening. If you’re flying, some airlines place restrictions on what you can bring in your carry-on luggage. For hassle-free traveling, it’s recommended to pack your sex toys in clear plastic bags in your checked baggage.

– Make sure to pack extra batteries or the charger for your rechargeable sex toys. When leaving the hotel, make sure you don’t forget to take your chargers with you.

– Taking some extra time to set the mood for a night of romance makes your romantic getaway feel extra-special. Bring some candles, scented rose petals, and some romantic music, or bring an erotic DVD to watch together.

– Once at the hotel, make sure to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door and request to not be interrupted with a turn-down service if the hotel provides one. You don’t want to be interrupted when things are heating up!

What Frequent Travelers Know:

– Print a copy of any confirmations from hotel, car, or flight reservations. That way, you have all the information you need right at hand in case you need to confirm your travel itinerary with the front desk of the hotel or travel agent at the airport.

– If you aren’t familiar with your destination, it’s a good idea to check out Google Maps before you leave, and get an idea of where you’re going so you don’t miss that important highway exit turn off to your destination!

Keep in Mind…

Planning a romantic getaway is all about bringing you closer to your partner and getting some much deserved rest and relaxation time together. Even if everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan, just remember it’s all part of the adventure. Bon Voyage!

New Year’s Resolutions with a Twist of Honey

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Make this year’s resolution something fun and arousing!  Here is a list of sexy resolution suggestions that will make 2014 orgasmic!

For men, we suggest you resolve to experience prostate stimulation. Stimulation of the prostate has a host of health benefits such as reducing the risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain, symptoms of erectile dysfunction and frequent night-time urination. But aside from all these wonderful benefits is the fact that stimulation of the prostate can result in an orgasm without any stimulation of the penis.  Quality toys designed to work with the male anatomy such as the Lelo Billy Vibrating Prostate Massager, the Naughty Boy P-Spot Vibrator, Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager, and the Pandora P-spot toy work to stimulate the prostate with simple clenching and releasing of the muscles to result in a “P-spot” orgasm very similar to a female G-spot orgasm.

For women, we suggest strengthening your pelvic floor muscles while enjoying the stimulating effects of Kegal balls! Pelvic floor exercises; which are also known as Kegel’s have been shown to reduce and prevent urinary incontinence, make recovering from childbirth easier, tighten the vagina and increase sexual pleasure.   Orgasms often become more intense as the muscles that contract are stronger.  The added bonus is that doing these exercises is also fun and easy with tools such as Lelo’s Luna Luxury Pleasure Balls or the smaller Lelo Luna Mini’s, and Cherry Love Geisha Balls. The Luna balls also come in a sleek black version.  These balls have a smaller ball tumbling within it causing the muscles to contract resulting in stronger muscles without the need to clench and release.  Other fantastic products include the Little Gold Balls and the Fifty Shades of Grey balls.

For couples, we suggest learning to give each other erotic massages.  Learning the technique to properly massage the genitals, breast, and backside is not only arousing but primes the body for sex by bringing lots of blood flow to these areas.  Get started with books dedicated to the subject such as Ultimate Erotic Massage and Pure Erotic Massage.  They contain detailed instructions and images to guide you on proper stroke and body placement techniques.   Select a quality massage product such as Barefoot Venus’ Natural Massage OilKama Sutra Massage Oil, massage bar or Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil.   For something new, massage candles not only provide a warm oil to massage your partner but also sets the mood with candlelight,  try the Sun-touched Body Massage CandleShunga Caress by Candlelight Massage Candle or the Jimmy Jane Afterglow Massage Candle.  Other massage tools to alternate with are Jimmy Jane Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone or the Hitachi Magic Wand.

We hope we inspired you to add a sexy resolution to your list!

We hope to see you all in 2014 and wish you a sexy, romantic and playful New Year.

The Seasons Hottest Gifts – 2 of 3 – The We-Vibe IV

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

The We-Vibe 4 takes couples to new heights of intimate pleasure. Designed and tested by leading sexual health experts, it’s the most advanced couples vibrator ever created. The We-Vibe IV takes the brilliance of the We-Vibe product and completely redesigns it for a better fit, heightened intensity and more control. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot. We-Vibe 4 is shaped for ultimate pleasure. Its compact form hugs the body to deliver intense directed vibrations. Together you both share the vibrations.


    • Advanced wireless remote controls intensity
    • Body hugging form stays in place and fits all body types
    • 100% silky smooth medical grade silicone
    • Eco-friendly, rechargeable battery with USB connection
    • 6-hour charge delivers up to 3 hours of play
    • Two powerful yet whisper-quiet motors provide intense stimulation
    • 6 vibration modes
    • 100% waterproof
    • Discreet carry case for charging and travel
    • Easy soap-and-water clean-up
    • 1-year warranty

Sexual Tips and How to Use:
Apply a water-based lubricant to the G-Spot stimulator. Gently put the G-Spot stimulator into the vagina, resting the clitoral stimulator on or near the clitoris. Have sex in your favourite position and enjoy the vibe. Discover the movement and pressure that give the most pleasure.

Sizing and Specs:

    • Width: 3.14cm/1.2”
    • Length: 7.47cm/2.9”
    • Texture: Smooth
    • Material: Silicone
    • Waterproof: 100%
    • Power: Eco-friendly, rechargeable battery with USB connection

Erotic Vacations: Sensual Destinations and Sexy Essentials

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Want a uniquely sensual and sexy honeymoon? Looking to spice up your marriage with an erotic adventure? Planning a vacation?

As society begins to loosen its grip on the sex lives of its citizens a unique niche in tourism has been created. This new area of tourism is filled with adult only resorts and clubs; from simply the absence of kids to a hedonistic adventure. These resorts cater to those adults who want a truly adult experience and the opportunity to enjoy the wilder side of vacations.

Beginning with the tamer side of sexy vacations is the Temptation Resort Spa in Cancun, an adults only beach front euro style all inclusive resort. This resort is your typical all inclusive resort but is adult only and designed with a sexy getaway in mind.

If you are looking for a little more adventure but still don’t want to dive right in to the deep end then how about a nude vacation? There are two destinations perfect for a clothing optional honeymoon or vacation.

The first destination is a chain of resorts called Caliente Club and Resorts that are completely clothing optional. Choose from multiple options including their Tampa Florida destination, their Caribe destination in Abreu, Dominican Republic, and finally Caliente also offers clothing optional cruises.

The second destination is an entire town in beautiful France. The Cap D’Agde Naturist Village isn’t clothing optional, this location has rules regarding the wearing of clothing! Everything you could need, bars, restaurants, camping, or hotels, and a beach are available in this one location and all of it is clothing optional.

If pure pleasure is the aim of your getaway then look no further than Hedonism II in gorgeous Jamaica. This resort has 2 options, nude or prude, where you can choose which side of the resort to stay in and everything is paid upfront so no need to worry about tipping. This resort is truly all about pleasure!

Looking for the ultimate in erotic vacations? Check out Schloss Milkersdorf a beautiful castle in Germany that hosts erotic parties every Friday and Saturday night. Check out their list of parties and read the details to find the perfect experience for you and your lover.

When packing for your honeymoon or erotic vacation make sure to bring the essentials so you have them close at hand when the mood arises. Lubricant is always a good thing to have on hand as is massage oil. If you plan on partaking in a menage-a-trois or a night of swinging while away don’t forget to pack  condoms. Sexy lingerie for a sexy vacation or bridal lingerie for the wedding night are great additions to any suitcase and don’t forget any toys you want to play with while away. There are some great mini toys perfect to fit in your luggage and waterproof toys for those aquatic adventures. One highly recommended toy for a couples vacation is the fantastic We-Vibe III, not only is it waterproof, made for couples, and has a remote control but the charging stand is also a travel case. With vacations in mind there are many kits that include pretty much everything you need in convenient travel sizes and some even come with their own cases.

Plan for an erotic vacation and don’t forget to make a list before you pack so that your time away can be relaxing, indulgent, and incredibly sexy!

The Beauty of Shibari

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

What is shibari? We get this question all the time at Honey.

Shibari, also known as Kinbaku, means ‘the beauty of tight binding’ and is an old Japanese art dating back to the beginning of the 1800’s. Shibari gained prominence in Japan in the 1950’s when it began to be featured in magazines and displayed at shows and soon after the western world became captivated by the elegance and beauty that can be expressed with a simple length of rope and two willing partners.
Japanese bondage is distinguished by the use of specific ties and aesthetic rules. Shibari is more about the way the rope is applied and the partner in control of the rope often uses it as an expression of communication, this makes it perfect for couples looking to explore new sexual avenues in a safe, trusting environment.

Getting started in shibari is a simple endeavour with access to today’s internet, simply type shibari into the YouTube search bar and plenty of instructional videos are available or enter the term into Google and plenty of sites show up with step by step walkthroughs for simple to complex knots.

Traditional shibari is done with course hemp or jute rope but as it gains prominence in North America people are branching out to try new materials. One of the new materials that is becoming especially popular is Japanese silk rope. Some companies are even coming out with pre-tied simple restraints for the wrists and ankles.

Now what to do with your partner when they are all tied up? There are plenty of different avenues you can take depending on the type of pleasure you and your partner are looking for. If you are looking for a sensual experience that indulges the senses try lighting a massage oil candle to fill the room with scent and then drip the oil onto your partner for an erotic massage. Play some sensual music to stimulate the sense of hearing and blindfold your partner to enhance their other senses such as touch which can be stimulated with different sensations such as feathering.

On the other hand if you are looking for a kinkier experience try using a whip or paddle on your bound partner. With harness ties that leave the chest exposed try a pair of nipple clamps or a nipple to clitoris clamp set.

If you are looking to tease your partner to the brink of orgasm try some clitoral stimulation with a powerful small vibrator or stimulate the g-spot with a specially designed g-spot toy. If your man is the one trussed up try a Tenga Egg for a mind blowing hand job or try some BJ Blast for a stimulating oral sex sensation.

If you or your partner is worried about comfort during the process you should experiment with some simple ties first to get a feel for how tight you enjoy it and which places the rope may feel uncomfortable. A few simple tricks can make the experience easier and more comfortable for both partners. One idea is to place a waterproof lined plush blanket beneath the partner being tied; this will make their experience lying still more comfortable and also protects your bedding, furniture, or flooring from oils if giving your bound partner a massage. Another idea is to use sex furniture to help position a partner when doing a tie that requires the bound partner to remain in a certain position for an extended period of time, this will make the experience more enjoyable for both partners and can also extend the amount of time you and your partner can play.

Shibari is a beautiful art form that is sexy and fun but be sure to watch for how tight the bindings are and if you are doing suspensions make sure to work your way up to it, do lots of research, and have the right equipment on hand.

For some beautiful images of shibari please check out our shibari pinterest board..

Explosive New Sex Positions

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Lover’s Grip: With the woman laying on her back the man should kneel and lift her legs over his shoulders, raising her hips slightly to ease penetration. The friction and deep penetration makes this position particularly exciting, while allowing his hands to be free to stroke and caress her legs, breasts and add clitoral stimulation. She can easily angle her hips to vary the angle of penetration for deeply pleasurable sensations.

Erotic Flick: This position is called the erotic flick because the woman’s movements of her hips during lovemaking mimic the flick of a fish’s tail as it darts through the water. This position is passive and restful, designed for a more intimate embrace. With the man lying on his back with his legs extended she lies on top of him. With her knees on either side of his hips she gently positions his penis and wiggles it inside of her. Once she has enclosed him, the couple can nestle against each other chest to chest and kiss and caress each other as she moves her hips to the right and left, and up and down in a repeated sequence. This is great for building excitement and taking your time to have an intimate moment together.

Sexy Snug: Face to face to get a close to one another as possible. The man sits on the floor or bed cross legged with his knees open wide while his partner sits with her legs over his thighs and her feet on the floor. The couple pulls each other close to enable him to penetrate. This is emotionally very sexy as you create a gentle rocking motion rather then a thrusting action. The man can grasp her around the buttocks to help lift her as she moves up and down, while the woman rhythmically squeezes and let’s go with her thighs.

G-spot Bliss: This position allows you to indulge in deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. With the woman laying on her back she beds her legs at the knees and draws them close to her chest. The man knees with his knees on either side of her buttocks and moves into the most comfortable position for penetration. She can gain pleasure by holding onto her knees and raising her hips higher, so that her partner can penetrate her more deeply and at an angle that will allow his penis to run and stimulate her G-spot. The G-spot is on the upper wall of the vagina, so specially angled thrusting is required to reach it. To give your partner a G-spot orgasm through intercourse remember that sustained pressure on the spot rather then the friction of thrusting provides the necessary stimulation.

Kneeling Master: This position provides a dominating aspect that will bring her and him intense pleasure. Rear-entry positions lend themselves easily to games of light bondage and domination or submission roles, this position puts the woman in the submissive position by kneeling on all fours on the bed and resting her forearms and head on the bed as well. He enters from behind and her lower body is supported by the bed against her lover’s vigorous thrusts. To gain more stimulation from this position she can use her hands or a vibrator against her clitoris to maximize the stimulation of her partner’s thrusts. This leaves his hands free to roam across her back and breast and also allows him access to anal play with his hands or a vibrator as well.

This information has been provided by Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Positions Book.

How To Use A Glass Sex Toy

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Glass is a fantastic material for adult toys because it is completely frictionless, non-porous, phthalate free, and hypoallergenic.

Some of the greatest feedback we get from customers that purchase glass for the first time is how surprised they are at how much they enjoyed the unique sensation.

Features of Glass

We’ve already mentioned that they are hypoallergenic and body safe, but glass is also completely frictionless and smooth against the skin. With very little lubricant you can easily use glass toys both anally and vaginally without the need to re-apply.

Glass is also a great conductor of hot or cold sensations. You can warm up the glass toy in warm water or the microwave and the glass will hold onto the heat for extended periods and then slowly adjust to your body temperature. You can also cool down the glass by running it under cold water or placing it in the fridge or freezer.  The different temperature sensation are very stimulating both internally and externally.  If you do not warm or cool down the glass, the toy will easily and quickly take on your body’s core temperature for a comfortable play time.

The weight of the glass is also very erotic.  Feeling the natural weight of the toy is extremely rousing and distinctive in its sensation.

Clean up is also a breeze with glass toys.  It can be simply washed down with soap and water, boiled or placed in the dish washer. 

With proper care, glass toys are very durable and can last a lifetime. 

Glass Toys:

Glass Dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. The Larger full sized dildos like Blossom and Masagi provide a full length and have some added texture and a slight curve without being overwhelming.

Toys like the Sunlight, Pink Indulgence and Crystal G have a little less length but have a distinctive curved to stimulate the G-spot.  These glass toys also allow you to use either end for stimulation.  

Then there are more phallic shaped dildos like 7th Heaven that has textured ridges at the top but maintains a more realistic shape.

The Onyx is the same size and shape as the Crystal G but has added texture at the curved tip designed to specifically target and stimulate the prostate for men. Silksurra is specially designed as an anal plug with the full retrieval ring and curved tip for men or women.

Most of the glass toys can be used vaginally as well as anally.

Newer on the market are some amazing glass toys that actually vibrate! The Glass Waterproof Vibrator and G-spot Glass Waterproof Vibrator both have three speeds of vibration and designed to be used both internally and externally. They are a incredible addition to our array of glass toys as they do double duty as both a dildo and vibrator.

Stainless Steel

The Njoy Pure Wand is a medical grade stainless steel product. Stainless steel and glass are very similar in their properties in that both are frictionless, hypoallergenic, body safe, non-porous and phthalate free. The largest difference is the weight of the stainless steel, it has a very pleasant heavy weight to it which adds an exceptional pleasure sensation.

Glass toys are not only wonderful to use but beautiful to behold as well.  We hope you will enjoy your new addition and keep having fun!

Sex Furniture: Hitting all the Right Spots!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Using furniture specifically designed for sex play is a fantastic way to comfortably and easily position both your bodies for optimal sensual play. Using furniture that is foam and shaped with sexual positions in mind creates angles to reach pleasure spots not experienced otherwise. They provide more support than your own pillows and enables you to try a multitude of fun positions.


Sometimes there isn’t much difference between the right spot and a near-miss. The Iceberg is really versatile and ergonomically designed to decrease the stress on a women’s body.

– It is great to place under your neck when doing the “woman on top” position as it brings you closer to your partner.

– “Downward dog” with the hands free vibrator in place is a must. Improving the angle of penetration as well as helping your partner support the weight and stay in position.

– Elevate your partner’s hips during “missionary” style to improve the angle of the penis to rub against the G spot.
– Under your head and neck for a good “face sitting” which the face closer to the object of it’s affection.
– If you are a sufferer of back pain using a positioning device can be the difference between great sex or no sex. The Iceberg provides the perfect curve for the back allowing you to position yourself in a variety of poses. The curve can support your shoulders and neck to help position you for cunnilingus or fellatio, or support her lower back while you have her legs over your shoulders for deep penetration.
– The Iceberg has the advantage of a vibrator pocket, especially designed to fit a toy such as the Lelo Gigi. You can position yourself over the iceberg and have the vibration perfectly positioned at your clitoris …hands-free to explore other erotic areas!
– When the night is through, unzip the cover and throw it in the wash. The polysuede cover is soft, sensual and easy to clean.

Sometimes due to our bodies shape or size we need a little more support to make our bed play comfortable. The Tilt provides a soft rounded curve that will provide comfortable support for your body.

– When placed beneath your neck and shoulders with the woman on top for a “69” position you can easily and comfortably reach all of her body and help support her as well.
– The tilt easily supports her hips and chest for the deep penetration of the “doggy style” it can also help to support his knees when thrusting from behind. This also helps to position you easy for anal penetration.
– Easily elevate your partner’s hips during missionary position for ease of deep penetration.
– The tilt easily lifts her hips while supporting the lower back for deeper and more intimate missionary positions. Perfect if your partner suffers from back pain or discomfort.
– Support both of your hips and torsos for this snug fit of him on top and her laying beneath.

Love Lounge:

The love lounge is a combination unit providing you with a high and low end allowing you to support your whole body with ease.

– Easily support your entire body during missionary position, his knees and thighs are support for stronger thrusts and her body is fully cushioned and supported.
– For easy cunnilingus you can simply support the back of your thighs against the higher ridge of love lounge and position yourself over him. He will be comfortable and able to play longer.
– Using the higher ridge you can position her hips higher easy access for both deep penetration and anal simulation. Her entire torso is supported along the decline for comfort and saves her arms from straining to hold her weight up.
– With her on top she can easily support a stronger thrust with her knees being supported and raised, also because of the incline with him on his back he can easily lift her with his thighs for a deeper and harder thrust.
– Ride him cowgirl style and have your body easily supported in his lap and your knees higher off the g
round. Also with him reclining on the incline he can use his thighs to thrust harder and deeper.
– Using the length of this love lounge you can easily lay lengthwise along one another for a new and exciting position and sensations.

The Liberators:

The liberator provides you with the fun option of having a ramp, a wedge or a combination of the two together. The benefit of this is that you can choose to purchase the combo and have the options to play with them together or separately for a variety of positions.

The Wedge provide the perfect support for her lower back to lift her hips high, allowing him to penetrate deep while laying over her body for intimacy and sensation.

The Ramp lifts her back and hips supporting her body in a more upright position, allowing him to get up close and personal with ease. The ramp also helps to support and ease your upper body so that you do not need to have all your body weight supported on a flat surface.

Combined the Ramp and Wedge help to lift the body and support the back, thighs and torso for comfort and ease in positioning allowing for deeper, stronger thrusts and longer play time.

With him laying along the combo with his head supported by the wedge and her supported atop his both can easily reach each other’s erogenous zones while being supported for comfort.

With her atop him he can easily thrust deep with his hips supported by the larger ramp while his neck is supported by the wedge so there is less strain on the upper back and shoulder. With her knees raised over the ramp she can easily get more height with less effort.

Whether trying something small such as the iceberg or going for the full love lounge you will be sure to love experiencing the different positions with the support and comfort of the bedroom furniture, in fact, you’ll be wondering what you did before them!

Aphrodisiac Recipes to Heat Up the Holidays

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout history to woo a partner and create sexual arousal. Foods containing aphrodisiacs are thought to work by raising the sex hormones in the body creating sexual excitement.

Try some fun recipes loaded with aphrodisiac ingredients to heat up the holidays!


This recipe tastes fantastic and does not contain alcohol, add some romantic additions to the drink such as strawberries or rose petals and you will be sure to impress.

4 cups chilled club soda
4 cups chilled gingerale
3 cups chilled white grape juice
Mix and pour chilled into champagne flutes.
To make an incredible erotic visual try FAUX PINK CHAMPAGNE by adding 1/4 cup grenadine syrup to the recipe.

For something warm and hot try this lovely coffee drink, perfect for a romantic morning wake up or an evening by the fire place in one another’s arms.


2 cups hot cocoa
2 cups brewed coffee
1 tsp. cinnamon flavoring
2 Tbsp. Coffeemate or Cream
2 tsp. sugar
1/4 tsp. cardamom
Mix together. Serve hot. Makes 2 tall cups to sip slowly by the fireside.


Take sliced sandwich ham and spread horseradish over each slice. Each slice should do two oysters. Drain and rinse one can whole oysters. Wrap one oyster in a piece of ham and secure it with a toothpick. Serve with a dish of hot melted butter for dipping.


In a baking pan that you can cover place 1 onion sliced. Put one whole chicken on top of the onions. Around the chicken place 1 pkg. frozen peas, 1 bag carrots, 4 potatoes cut up in chunks, In a bowl mix the following and pour over the entire dish: 2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce, 1 tsp. each basil and oregano, 1-1/2 tsp. dry mustard, 8 tsp. butter, 3 Tbsp. lemon juice, 4 cups Faux Champagne, and 1 can cream of mushroom soup. Cover the dish and bake at 400 degrees for one hour.


Mix 1 pkg. German Chocolate Cake Mix according to directions on box. When done poke holes all over the top of the 13 X 9 inch cake. Pour caramel sauce all over the top letting it go down into all the holes in the cake. Mix a container Cool Whip with 1 small can flaked coconut and spread it over the cake evenly. Crush two Heath Toffee Candy bars and sprinkle them over the cake. Melt two squares of chocolate candy and swirl them on top of the Cool Whip with a toothpick. Sprinkle 1/2 cup chopped nuts over topping. Chill until time to serve.

Take turns feeding each other this decadent desert!

Don’t forget about setting the right mood! It is important to bring the right atmosphere together to seduce the senses of your lover. Candles such as the Jimmy Jane Afterglow Massage candles or the Soy Massage Candles play double duty providing a gentle light and soft scent to start off the mood and having the alternative purpose of being a warm massage oil. A sprinkling of silk rose petals from our Bed of Roses across the bed and floor, music from Exotica Chocotasy CD and some sexy goodies such as the romantic pleasure feather and Ceramic massage stone help complete the experience.

The most powerful aphrodisiac of all is the pure enjoyment of one another. Spending some extra time over the holidays to relax with one another in a sensual atmosphere will do wonders for your relationship and sexual enjoyment.