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Erotic New Year’s Resolutions

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Erotic New Year's Resolutions Vancouver Canada

Do you have a new year’s resolution yet? According to a recent study, the top three new year’s resolutions are to stick to a budget, exercise regularly, and eat healthier. While these are great new year’s resolutions that can help you live your best life, here at Honey Gifts we want you to consider making a few new year’s resolutions to improve your sexual health and happiness, too! Whether you are single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, there are lots of easy and fun ways you can improve your sex life.

Get To Know What You Like – For some women, masturbation is already a part of their sexual repertoire, and that’s great! Others may be exploring their body for the first time. Keep in mind that masturbation is part of a normal and healthy sex life, and can have lots of benefits for the body, too. Sexual health researchers have found that having an orgasm releases tension, relieves stress, and can help you get to sleep. Who knew! Masturbation can also improve your partnered sex life, too. Knowing how you like to be pleasured makes it easier to communicate with your partner what you enjoy. For women that are uncertain where to begin, we recommend trying a versatile and easy to use vibrator that you can use internally for g-spot stimulation and externally for clitoral pleasure, such as the Lelo Gigi 2.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies – Getting the sex life you really want is about communicating your sexual desires and exploring your fantasies. Feeling a little shy? One way to easily bring up sexual fantasies with your partner is to read short erotic stories to each another, and then talk about what parts of the story that turned you on the most. The Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples is a short story anthology for couples to inspire and arouse you. Another great way to share fantasies with your partner is to watch adult erotic films together. Erika Lust’s downloadable adult films are tastefully erotic and sensual movies that celebrate sexuality, intimacy, and genuine passion between couples. Watching an erotic film with your partner can easily and quickly get you in the mood for a night of intimacy, and bring you closer together through your shared sexual experience. If you are starting the new year solo, erotic stories and adult films are a great way to explore your own sexuality, too.

Try Something New – One of the great things about a new year is feeling like you get to start fresh. So why not try something new that you’ve been interested in for awhile now? Whether you are picking out your first sex toy or already have a few, trying out a new adult sex toy can bring a lot of sexual pleasure and enjoyment to your solo or partner sex life. The new Fun Factory G5 Tiger Deluxe Vibrator is a USB rechargeable vibe that has stimulating textured ridges and ultra-strong vibrations. Curious about bondage? The 50 Shades of Kink: Introduction to BDSM book and Beginner Bondage Fantasy Kit will get you started. Want to try a new sex position? The informative Sex Deck accompanied by the supportive Liberator Wedge make it easy to get into different sexual positions.

Have a safe and happy new year’s from Honey Gifts!

Liberator Sex Furniture

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Where is it written that sex has to be hard work? Where does it say that you have to be a contortionist or acrobat to experiment with new positions? Liberator has created a fantastic line of sex furniture that aids in sexual enjoyment as well as sexual adventure. This furniture not only lets you try positions you never thought you could try but also makes sex more enjoyable with less work for both partners.

Liberator Black Label
*note for Black Label items, the cuffs and mask appear leopard print in the images, they are in fact solid black

Black Label Ramp
The Black Label line from liberator is for adventurers who think bondage might be in the cards. The Black Label Ramp features ankle cuffs, a blindfold, cuff connector, two tethers, and a 10-page position guide allowing you to experiment in countless ways. The ramp elevates your lovemaking 12 inches for more options off the side of the bed or a superior doggie-style position. Standing is a man’s “power position” sexually, allowing for stronger thrusting, more varied strokes and greater longevity. Check out the video below for more information on the Liberator Black Label Ramp.

Black Label Ramp Video – Contains Explicit Sexual Activity (18+)

Black Label Wedge
The Black Label Wedge is great for ease of access. This product includes wrist cuffs, blindfold, cuff connector, two tethers, and a 10-page position guide. Bottoms can get buried in a squishy mattress, the wedge lifts and tilts for a better missionary position. A 27-degree angle presents her on a platter for oral sex that neither strains his neck nor drains his energy. Longer sessions yield stronger orgasms. Check out the video below for more information on the Liberator Black Label Wedge.

Black Label Wedge Video – Contains Explicit Sexual Activity (18+)

Black Label Ramp/Wedge Combo
The Black Label line also offers a Ramp/Wedge combo. This combination allows for all the possibilities of the pieces separately while adding possibilities when using the pieces combined.

Liberator Classic

Liberator Ramp
The Liberator Ramp lifts your lover 10 to 14 inches and tilts them 27 degrees letting you dive in deeper and reach further. Off the side of the bed, the elevation increases the sweet sexy sensations, sending you into a quivering love saturated oblivion. The Liberator Ramp is now even better; newly redesigned the ramp folds in half for more convenient transportation and storage while not affecting usability.

Liberator Wedge
The Liberator Wedge packs huge benefits into a small package. Fantastic for elevating or providing support the firm foam is comfortable yet maintains its stability. With numerous positions that can be done comfortably you are free to explore a whole new world of sexual pleasure. Check out the video below for more information on the Liberator Wedge.

Classic Wedge Video – Contains Explicit Sexual Activity (18+)

Liberator Ramp/Wedge Combo
Get the benefits of both the Ramp and the Wedge with the Ramp/Wedge combination. New and exciting possibilities are available when you combine the two. Check out the video below for more information on the Liberator Ramp/Wedge Combo.

Classic Ramp/Wedge Combo Video – Contains Explicit Sexual Activity (18+)

Liberator Flip Ramp
Looking for a versatile piece that can double as a foot stool or for seating? Look no further than the Liberator Flip Ramp. This item folds into a cube allowing it to be used in a multitude of ways and when folded out can be used like the Ramp. Check out the video below for more information on the Liberator Flip Ramp.

Flip Ramp Video – Contains Simulated Sexual Activity (18+)

Sex Furniture: Hitting all the Right Spots!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Using furniture specifically designed for sex play is a fantastic way to comfortably and easily position both your bodies for optimal sensual play. Using furniture that is foam and shaped with sexual positions in mind creates angles to reach pleasure spots not experienced otherwise. They provide more support than your own pillows and enables you to try a multitude of fun positions.


Sometimes there isn’t much difference between the right spot and a near-miss. The Iceberg is really versatile and ergonomically designed to decrease the stress on a women’s body.

– It is great to place under your neck when doing the “woman on top” position as it brings you closer to your partner.

– “Downward dog” with the hands free vibrator in place is a must. Improving the angle of penetration as well as helping your partner support the weight and stay in position.

– Elevate your partner’s hips during “missionary” style to improve the angle of the penis to rub against the G spot.
– Under your head and neck for a good “face sitting” which the face closer to the object of it’s affection.
– If you are a sufferer of back pain using a positioning device can be the difference between great sex or no sex. The Iceberg provides the perfect curve for the back allowing you to position yourself in a variety of poses. The curve can support your shoulders and neck to help position you for cunnilingus or fellatio, or support her lower back while you have her legs over your shoulders for deep penetration.
– The Iceberg has the advantage of a vibrator pocket, especially designed to fit a toy such as the Lelo Gigi. You can position yourself over the iceberg and have the vibration perfectly positioned at your clitoris …hands-free to explore other erotic areas!
– When the night is through, unzip the cover and throw it in the wash. The polysuede cover is soft, sensual and easy to clean.

Sometimes due to our bodies shape or size we need a little more support to make our bed play comfortable. The Tilt provides a soft rounded curve that will provide comfortable support for your body.

– When placed beneath your neck and shoulders with the woman on top for a “69” position you can easily and comfortably reach all of her body and help support her as well.
– The tilt easily supports her hips and chest for the deep penetration of the “doggy style” it can also help to support his knees when thrusting from behind. This also helps to position you easy for anal penetration.
– Easily elevate your partner’s hips during missionary position for ease of deep penetration.
– The tilt easily lifts her hips while supporting the lower back for deeper and more intimate missionary positions. Perfect if your partner suffers from back pain or discomfort.
– Support both of your hips and torsos for this snug fit of him on top and her laying beneath.

Love Lounge:

The love lounge is a combination unit providing you with a high and low end allowing you to support your whole body with ease.

– Easily support your entire body during missionary position, his knees and thighs are support for stronger thrusts and her body is fully cushioned and supported.
– For easy cunnilingus you can simply support the back of your thighs against the higher ridge of love lounge and position yourself over him. He will be comfortable and able to play longer.
– Using the higher ridge you can position her hips higher easy access for both deep penetration and anal simulation. Her entire torso is supported along the decline for comfort and saves her arms from straining to hold her weight up.
– With her on top she can easily support a stronger thrust with her knees being supported and raised, also because of the incline with him on his back he can easily lift her with his thighs for a deeper and harder thrust.
– Ride him cowgirl style and have your body easily supported in his lap and your knees higher off the g
round. Also with him reclining on the incline he can use his thighs to thrust harder and deeper.
– Using the length of this love lounge you can easily lay lengthwise along one another for a new and exciting position and sensations.

The Liberators:

The liberator provides you with the fun option of having a ramp, a wedge or a combination of the two together. The benefit of this is that you can choose to purchase the combo and have the options to play with them together or separately for a variety of positions.

The Wedge provide the perfect support for her lower back to lift her hips high, allowing him to penetrate deep while laying over her body for intimacy and sensation.

The Ramp lifts her back and hips supporting her body in a more upright position, allowing him to get up close and personal with ease. The ramp also helps to support and ease your upper body so that you do not need to have all your body weight supported on a flat surface.

Combined the Ramp and Wedge help to lift the body and support the back, thighs and torso for comfort and ease in positioning allowing for deeper, stronger thrusts and longer play time.

With him laying along the combo with his head supported by the wedge and her supported atop his both can easily reach each other’s erogenous zones while being supported for comfort.

With her atop him he can easily thrust deep with his hips supported by the larger ramp while his neck is supported by the wedge so there is less strain on the upper back and shoulder. With her knees raised over the ramp she can easily get more height with less effort.

Whether trying something small such as the iceberg or going for the full love lounge you will be sure to love experiencing the different positions with the support and comfort of the bedroom furniture, in fact, you’ll be wondering what you did before them!

The Low Down on Going Down

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Going down on your partner is exciting because you are providing your partner with the ultimate sexual pleasure and demonstrating your skill as a lover but it can also be nerve racking if you don’t know what you are doing. We have outlined some very useful tips and techniques to help you take her to new heights of sexual pleasure so you can go down and have fun!

1. Position. Make sure both of you are comfortable. Use pillows beneath your knees if she is standing up so that you won’t be paying more attention to your aching knees than her sexual pleasure. Use pillows or positions aids such as the liberator to angle her hips for easy access. There are a number of ways to provide oral sex for your partner, you can have her straddling your face and holding herself balanced using the head board. This position is sexy and she can have more control. The traditional cunnilingus position with her laying on her back and you between her legs, this is especially good if she is feeling a little self conscious, or her standing and you kneeling between her legs, this appeals to the alpha females and gives you easy access to all her sexy parts.

2. Technique. Don’t just pull of her panties, take it slow, maybe tease through the fabric and tease and tantalize. Make sure you make an effort to relax your tongue as you don’t want it too stiff and pointed, especially in the beginning when it is nice to warm up with broader strokes. An especially great tongue technique is the figure eight, by moving your tongue around more sensitive areas and not just the clitoris you can really rev her engine. Be sure to vary your strokes, fast to slow, firm to gentle, zigzag your tongue and watch her body language because she will let you know which of those she likes best.

3. Lubes and Vibes. Sometimes it is fun to add a small vibrator such as the finger fun or the 5x Finger Vibe to your oral play, these small vibrators can help you bring her to intense orgasms. The fukuoku and finger vibe allow you to slip the vibe onto your finger so you can easily access her clitoris, labia and anus for a full range of vibration sensation. This can help take her over the edge into bliss. Lubricant can also be a fun addition, it is especially helpful if your mouth is feeling dry. There are some deliciously flavored natural lubricants such as the Hathor Flavored Lube or O’My on the market, these help to make you tongue slip and slide as well as taste delicious.

If you are wanting to learn more about how to take your oral sex techniques to new heights and provide even more pleasure then we recommend checking out the Low Down on Going Down Book, or if you’re a visual learner you can also try the Expert Guide to Oral Sex; Cunnilingus DVD. Also already packaged and ready for you is the Low Down on Going Down Honeycomb Gift box, it has everything you need all neatly packages for her oral pleasures!

Fun and Light Techniques for Whips and Paddles

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Spanking and light whips are some of the most popular types of sensation play. It can be done in combination with oral sex with your partner standing or on its own as the primary focus.

* Role play is a great way to begin adding slapping into your games; you can spank your school girl with the wooden Naughty Ruler for being “bad” and gently whip your maid for not cleaning the room just right. Role-playing can let you step outside of your everyday roles and experience more freedom in expressing yourself.
Create the role-play scenario for your night of spanking bliss. Get creative and set up a situation that creates intensity for both partners.

* Picking your pleasure items is part of the fun and anticipation. You can choose from a variety of whips, paddles and crops for your foray into this erotic pleasure. Each provides a different aural and physical sensation. Whips have many tails which can be used to stroke and tap your partner. Our leather Flogerella whips and rubber whips are good for beginner and intermediates. They can create very soft taps or more stingy strokes but the mid-length allows more control. Paddles and crops provide a slappier sound; which can be very arousing, and the length allows you to be up close or further away from your lover. Often it is the sound of the paddle hitting your bottom or thigh that is just as sexy as the sensation.

* Warming up. Start with light touches like feathers and finger nails, slowly running along from the lower back to the back of the thigh area but focusing on the buttocks. Or try applying some edible warming oil and licking the area. Then move up by using a whip, paddle or your hand with gentle taps and flicks over the entire buttock or thigh area. Warming up the area sends happy endorphins to the brain and starts the juices flowing. Mix up your spanking by switching between gentle love taps, massage and harder smacks. Be sure to switch from one cheek or thigh to the next. The body becomes accustomed to any sensation after about twenty minutes so you need to keep changing the sensation to make the pleasure last.

* Get your swing on. When using the whip or flogger you need to first practice your swing. You wouldn’t walk out onto the badminton court without trying your racket for the first time; neither should you try a whip on a partner until you have learnt to control the feel of your whip and floggers.
You can begin creating a steady and rhythmic motion with forehand/backhand action. Adding flicks of your wrist or a slight heavy handedness to change the rhythm or motion of your stroke.
The “towel” stroke is a quick flick of the wrist and snap of your whip. The “windmill” stroke is a counterclockwise or clockwise motion of your wrist that has a quick flick across the bottom. Also the “figure 8” pattern can be created with the use of two whips used simultaneously.
Any and all of these movements can be used in combination with each other and spanking. Changing your rhythm and motion creates a more erotic sensation and you can heighten the sensation by using a blindfold, it will create anticipation and suspense.

* Communication. Find out what your partner is enjoying by asking questions such as ‘harder’, ‘softer’, ‘faster’, ‘slower’…etc. Or vise versa, if you are the person being flogged or spanked. Use this occasion to talk dirty and arouse your partner more. Tell them how you love seeing their butt cheeks turn red or how bad you’ve been to deserve this spanking.

* Positions. The most popular position is over the knee. But you can prop your partner on all fours with their rump in the air or over furniture like a bed, chair, or sex furniture like the Liberator Ramp or Wedge. Experiment with different locations and positions.

* Safety First. There are areas where it is safe for spanking and flogging and other areas that should be avoided. Fleshy areas such as the buttocks, shoulder, calves and thighs are a safe and fun area for whipping and spanking. DO NOT whip the abdomen area below the ribcage, head, neck, spine or behind the knees and ankles. The abdomen especially has vital organs such as the kidneys and a rough hit could cause damage.
Be careful not to wrap the tip of the whip around these sensitive areas during whip play.
Always have a safe word which when uttered stops the play immediately. This is your partner’s way of saying “I have had enough.”

After your playful session, rub down the area with a cooling cream like the Kama Sutra body soufflé in Cool Mint or Soaring Spirit massage oil. Talk about how the experience was for each of you and make a date for the next play session!

Playful Positions for Fuller Figures

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Pregnancy is a beautiful time for you and your partner, but sometime the beautiful belly starts to get in the way of your more traditional positions. Here are some fun varieties to try that are comfortable and safe for mommy and baby.
Soft Landing: Stack a pile of soft and fluffy pillows underneath your stomach and chest to cushion and support your body and neck. You will have comfort against the support and he has access to your body from behind. This position allows for adding a little anal play into the equation. The Havana Tush Toy kit can be used with or without vibrations. Using just the tip of the plug for external stimulation of the bum can be a lot of fun. In this position he should avoid pumping too hard or deep.

Wheelbarrow: This position is comfortable and easy. Simply lay curled on your side at the edge of your mattress with your neck and shoulder propped comfortably by a few soft and fluffy pillows. He stands between your butt and knees for easy penetration, and he will enjoy a wonderful view of you. In this position he can easily reach around and stimulate your clitoris with a small and compact Fuzuoku Finger Vibrator. Use the finger sex toy to slowly tease and tantalize!
Belly Up: Bracing yourself up against a headboard or wall allows for a shallower penetration that is pleasurable and fun. It also gives him access to touch your breasts, belly and clitoris softly. We recommend using pillows beneath your knees for comfort and support. Combining this with a couples toy like the Diving Dolphin can triple your pleasure! This toy comes with two bullets-one that vibrates against her clitoris as well as one underneath that stimulates him and her!
As you move along in your pregnancy we recommend visiting your doctor, intercourse should be fine if your pregnancy is progressing normally but if you have any complications be sure to discuss frankly with your doctor what you can and can not do.
Hello to all you voluptuous ladies out there. We’ve created a section just for you, to help you discover some creative and ingenious solutions to some playful positions. Being a plus size lady has many challenges with body image and some positions just don’t work. But instead of worrying about all that we’ve come up with a few fail safe solutions to just enjoy sex, no matter your size.
No Ouch Couch: The couch is perfect for sex furniture. Using the seat cushion to support you upper body and having more pillows supporting your arms and neck as well as cushioning your knees. You will feel cushioned and comfortable allowing him access from behind for deep penetration. This position is great for him to reach around to stimulate your nipples with some Ice Queen Nipple Gel or placing a compact mini vibrator on his finger like the Five Function Finger Vibe to slowly massage your clitoris. This position is also super for pleasuring the nerve rich anal area. Start slowly stimulating the outside with a small well lubricated butt plug like the Silicone Pleasure Plug or insert some small anal beads like the Fun Factory Bendy Beads. The beads are slowly pulled out during an orgasm providing a more intense experience.
Deep Mission: Continuing our couch theme, if you throw the back cushions to the side you will create a deeper couch on which to enjoy yourselves. You can lay back, get comfortable and open you legs wide for a deeper missionary penetration. The intimacy of gazing into each others eyes and giving him access to your breast and clitoris will make this an all around enjoyable position. If you find pillows too soft, a wonderful option would be The Liberator Sex Furniture. These triangular shapes allow you to move into unlimited positions while providing firm support. You won’t be limited by where you can and cannot have sex. The triangle shapes make it easy to slip into narrow spaces when not in use.

Good Headboard: Sometime being on top when you are a voluptuous lady can be awkward and uncomfortable. If you try using the head board as leverage you can lift and support your body with ease and the leverage allows you to speed up the action. This position gives him the added advantage of being able to lay back and have access to your clitoris. A vibrating cock ring like the Utopia Triple Action can be a fabulous addition to this position as it allows you full control of how much stimulation you want on your clitoris. You can tease yourself until you’re ready to orgasm. This couple’s sex toy also has an extra testicle ring for him-intensifying his orgasm.

To see more of these playful positions see Ride’em Cowgirl by Sadie Allison.