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Romantic Holiday Gift Guide

Tuesday, November 24th, 2015

Romantic Holiday Gift Guide Vancouver Canada

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve put together a romantic holiday gift guide with some of our most popular gift ideas for that special someone on your list. Whether you are searching for something nice or something a little more naughty, Honey Gifts has what you need for the perfect romantic holiday with your partner.

For Her:

Nice: When it comes to choosing the perfect romantic gift for her, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful lingerie set. The Eberjey Estelle Underwire Bra and Eberjey Estelle Thong are a chic and stylish lingerie set that is comfortable enough for daily wear, making it a practical yet breathtakingly seductive gift. For the ultimate splurge, get her a Bracli Begos Pearl Bra and Bracli Paris Your Night Pearl Thong. The Bracli pearl lingerie sets are lovingly created in Spain using real pearls and Chantilly lace from France.

Naughty: The newly released Lelo Nea 2 Women’s Vibrator is beautifully adorned with elegant floral detailing, making this gift as beautiful to behold as it is pleasurable to use. This high quality, recharagable clitoral vibrator from award-winning designers at Lelo is stronger than the original Nea vibrator and is fully waterproof. Another popular gift this holiday season is the incredibly powerful and textured Fun Factory G5 Tiger Deluxe Vibrator. The Fun Factory G5 Tiger provides extra thrills with a gently sloping curved tip that is designed for g-spot stimulation, while the raised ridge at the base provides clitoral pleasure.

For Him:

Nice: The stylish and comfortable SAXX boxers come in a wide range of fun colours and patterns. SAXX underwear feature a revolutionary, patented comfort front pouch made from soft mesh. What makes SAXX boxers so comfortable is a breathable front pouch that is designed to provide additional support, prevent uncomfortable friction, and reduce irritation from chafing. Just in time for the holidays, SAXX has released two different special edition Saxx Holiday Boxer 3-Packs with seasonal-themed patterns.

Naughty: For the man that is curious about prostate stimulation, Lelo has developed a line of high quality, waterproof, rechargeable prostate stimulators. The Lelo Loki, Lelo Bruno, and Lelo Hugo are comfortably smooth, angled prostate stimulators that deliver ultra-powerful vibrations at the touch of a button. New from Fleshlight are the discreet and portable Fleshlight Go Surge and the Fleshlight Go Torque male masturbators. The Fleshlight Go series are more compact and lighter than the original Fleshlight, making this sex toy for men easy to use. Use the Fleshlight with your partner during foreplay for a little extra naughtiness under the mistletoe this holiday season.

For Both:

Nice: Use a Shunga Massage Candle to set the mood for a night of romance on a cold winter night. This luxurious massage candle melts into a sensual, warm massage oil for giving your partner an unforgettable massage. For those that are curious to try several different intimacy enhancing products, the Kama Sutra Weekenders Kit makes the perfect gift. This kit includes Kama Sutra’s most popular intimacy enhancing products, from the delicious edible honey dust to the slippery love liquid lubricant, this set contains petite travel-friendly versions of all the romantic products you want to try.

Naughty: We-Vibe has designed some of the most popular sex toys for couples in the last decade. The latest We-Vibe 4 Plus is a waterproof, rechargeable couples vibrator that is worn while making love, providing pleasurable vibrations for both partners. Use the remote to change the setting of the vibrations, or discreetly, securely, and privately send your partner pleasurable vibrations using the free downloadable app for your smartphone. Experience added sensations while using the We-Vibe 4 Plus with the Wet Together Couples Lubricant. This unique lubricant set includes two different formulas, a tingling one for her, and a warming one for him. When combined, the two exciting sensations become even more heightened.

Happy Holidays from Honey Gifts!

Explosive New Sex Positions

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Lover’s Grip: With the woman laying on her back the man should kneel and lift her legs over his shoulders, raising her hips slightly to ease penetration. The friction and deep penetration makes this position particularly exciting, while allowing his hands to be free to stroke and caress her legs, breasts and add clitoral stimulation. She can easily angle her hips to vary the angle of penetration for deeply pleasurable sensations.

Erotic Flick: This position is called the erotic flick because the woman’s movements of her hips during lovemaking mimic the flick of a fish’s tail as it darts through the water. This position is passive and restful, designed for a more intimate embrace. With the man lying on his back with his legs extended she lies on top of him. With her knees on either side of his hips she gently positions his penis and wiggles it inside of her. Once she has enclosed him, the couple can nestle against each other chest to chest and kiss and caress each other as she moves her hips to the right and left, and up and down in a repeated sequence. This is great for building excitement and taking your time to have an intimate moment together.

Sexy Snug: Face to face to get a close to one another as possible. The man sits on the floor or bed cross legged with his knees open wide while his partner sits with her legs over his thighs and her feet on the floor. The couple pulls each other close to enable him to penetrate. This is emotionally very sexy as you create a gentle rocking motion rather then a thrusting action. The man can grasp her around the buttocks to help lift her as she moves up and down, while the woman rhythmically squeezes and let’s go with her thighs.

G-spot Bliss: This position allows you to indulge in deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. With the woman laying on her back she beds her legs at the knees and draws them close to her chest. The man knees with his knees on either side of her buttocks and moves into the most comfortable position for penetration. She can gain pleasure by holding onto her knees and raising her hips higher, so that her partner can penetrate her more deeply and at an angle that will allow his penis to run and stimulate her G-spot. The G-spot is on the upper wall of the vagina, so specially angled thrusting is required to reach it. To give your partner a G-spot orgasm through intercourse remember that sustained pressure on the spot rather then the friction of thrusting provides the necessary stimulation.

Kneeling Master: This position provides a dominating aspect that will bring her and him intense pleasure. Rear-entry positions lend themselves easily to games of light bondage and domination or submission roles, this position puts the woman in the submissive position by kneeling on all fours on the bed and resting her forearms and head on the bed as well. He enters from behind and her lower body is supported by the bed against her lover’s vigorous thrusts. To gain more stimulation from this position she can use her hands or a vibrator against her clitoris to maximize the stimulation of her partner’s thrusts. This leaves his hands free to roam across her back and breast and also allows him access to anal play with his hands or a vibrator as well.

This information has been provided by Anne Hooper’s Ultimate Sex Positions Book.