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Keepin’ It Clean: Anal Douching

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

The world of anal play can be exhilarating, but also a little nerve wracking – especially for first timers. There’s a lot to consider, including that one big question that lurks at the back of our minds… What if I’m not clean enough?

Look, it’s a fact of life that everyone poops (they even wrote a book about it) and there’s always a chance that there will be something left in your anal canal even after a bowel movement. If an accident happens in the bedroom, it may be a little awkward but are you really going to let a normal bodily function get in the way of potentially mind-blowing sex? No? Good.

So, how do I get clean “back there”?

When prepping for anal play, whether you’re looking forward to fingers, toys or full penetrative sex, it’s a good idea to make sure that the area is clean and fresh, not just out of respect for your partner but it will also allow your mind to relax and enjoy the moment. If keeping clean is something you’re interested in, an enema or anal douche is your best friend. Some people don’t feel the need to douche and simply clean the area in the shower beforehand, and that’s perfectly fine too.

Are an enema and a douche the same thing?

There are some differences between an enema and a douche. A douche is usually a squeezable bulb with a long nozzle for insertion and holds less water than an enema (the Ergo Flo Director Anal Douche, for example). It is used for cleaning the anal cavity before anal sex. An enema, on the other hand, is used for a deeper intestinal clean and sometimes comes as a bag with a valve to control water flow. In the world of sex, both terms generally mean the same thing: a tool used to get you clean!

Do I have to just use water? What about soap or body wash?

Some people think that adding soap to their douche will give them a better clean but, trust me, that’s not the case. The lining of the anal cavity is sensitive and using soap or other additives can irritate and cause infection. It’s recommended to use ONLY room temperature or mildly warm water.

Are you going to explain how to douche or not?

Sure! First, you need a douche. I recommend something simple for your first time. The Colt Anal Douche is perfect because it comes with two nozzles, a thinner beginner nozzle and a thicker, beaded one for advanced users (this adds a little pleasurable stimulation to the experience).

  1. Start in the bathroom, or make sure you’re within easy reach of the toilet.
  2. Clean the nozzle of the douche, even if it’s brand new. You’re putting that in a sensitive area so it’s best to know it’s clean.
  3. Fill the bulb of the douche with room temperature or slightly warm water. Do not use hot water or cold water as these can injure you. Seriously, room temp is the way to go.
  4. Coat the nozzle and the opening to your anus with lubricant. If the nozzle is made of plastic, silicone lube is best as it stays put and keeps things slippery. If the nozzle to your douche is made of silicone already, try a water-based lube (still slippery but tends to wash away easier, so you may need to reapply). This is because silicone based lubricants can degrade the silicone nozzle over time.
  5. Slowly and carefully insert the nozzle into the anus. Insert only two to three inches or so. You really only want to clean the lower anal cavity in preparation for anal sex. Going further will push water into the colon. While this isn’t dangerous, it may trigger your body to expel more waste than you’d like (think taking a laxative).
  6. Gently squeeze the bulb, filling your anal cavity with water. Remove the bulb BEFORE releasing the squeeze on it. Releasing the bulb inside your body will draw dirty water back into the bulb.
  7. With the water in your anal cavity, you’ll feel full and like you need to use the toilet. This is just what you want. Sit on the toilet and expel the water. It sounds gross but you’ll want to check the water and flush before repeating Steps 2 to 7. To ensure you’re as clean as you can be, you need to check the water each time and repeat the steps until the water is clear.
  8. Clean your douche thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water


That sounds simple enough.

It is! And as you get more experience, there are other douching options to explore.  The Ergo Flo Extra Anal Douche has a larger bulb so you’ll need fewer refills. This particular brand also features air valve technology which reduces the chance of messy backflow.

If you’re looking for a douching tool that does provide a deeper clean, try the Ergo Flo Pro Shower and Travel Douche. This douche attaches to any standard shower head and converts the high pressure flow into a comfortable, safe stream of water for your cleaning needs.


Is there anything else about douching that I need to know?

Here are a few final tips:

  • Douche 1-2 hours before anal play.
  • Go slow and use lubrication.
  • A beaded or grooved douche nozzle can provide extra pleasure and stimulation during cleaning.
  • Douching regularly can affect the sensitive lining of the rectum. Douche in moderation.
  • Enjoy worry free anal play!


See all douches at


Intro to Anal 101

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Intro to Anal 101

Curious about trying anal sex? Whether you are interested in solo anal exploration, or anal sex with a partner, anal stimulation can add a lot of pleasure and excitement to your sex life. If you are just beginning to explore anal play, there are few things to keep in mind to make your anal experience more pleasurable and safe.


For peace of mind, some people like to wash the anal area externally with a gentle cleanser, such as the organic Sliquid Splash cleanser, before any anal play. For a more complete clean, others prefer to use an anal douche (also known as an enema) such the Ultra Douche or Titan Flexible-Nozzle Douche, to thoroughly clean the rectum internally. When using a douche or enema, it is important to read the directions closely and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to finish your cleaning routine. If you are going to be using butt plug or any other anal sex toy, make sure to clean it thoroughly before and after each use with a cleaner such as the popular Refresh Toy Cleaner. For your health and safety, remember to never go between the anus and vagina or mouth using the same sex toy, penis, or fingers, as harmful bacteria can be transferred from the anus if you aren’t careful.


With any anal play, it is important to use plenty of good quality lubricant! Unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating, meaning that you need to use a generous amount of lubricant during any kind of penetrating anal play for your comfort. There are a lot of different types of lubricant that are great for anal play, depending on what you are looking for. The Intimate Organics Soothe Anal Lubricant is formulated with soothing botanicals and is great for people with sensitive skin. For those looking for a longer lasting formula, a silicone lubricant such as the Pjur Silicone Lubricant is a great choice – just make sure not to use silicone lubricant with your silicone sex toys, as the silicone lubricant may degrade your silicone toys over time.

Sex Toys:

Anal sex toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. When just starting out, it is generally recommended to begin with a smaller sex toy that is tapered for easy insertion, like the Pleasure Plug in the smallest size, or the Vibrating Anal Beads. Some people find it easier to work up to penetrative anal sex with their partner by first starting out using a smaller butt plug to get used to the feeling, either on their own or as part of foreplay with their partner. All butt plugs and anal beads are all designed with a flared base or ring for safety to ensure that they remain in place during use and are not accidentally lost internally. While most anal sex toys can be enjoyed by anyone, some sex toys, such as the Duke Prostate Massager, are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate in men. Using sex toys when exploring anal stimulation can add a lot of enjoyment and pleasure, just make sure that you are using a sex toy that is designed for anal play for your safety.

Keep in Mind…

Before trying anal sex with a partner, it is a good idea to get familiar with your anal area. Explore your own body and to get to know what feels good for yourself. Some people find that using a gentle relaxing spray, such as the Intimate Organics Anal Relaxing Spray, makes anal sex more comfortable. You can also try out different positions for anal sex from the Anal Sex Position Guide. If you experience any discomfort during anal play, that’s your body’s way of telling you to slow down, add more lubricant, or just take a break and try something different for awhile. And if you find that anal sex just isn’t for you, that’s okay, too!

Fun Factory for Fun Fantasies

Friday, March 13th, 2015

For nearly 20 years, Fun Factory has been committed to creating sex toys made from high quality materials in attractive designs and styles, including vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, anal beads, and more! Fun Factory is one of Europe’s largest sex toy companies, designing and manufacturing all of their sex toys in Germany. Fun Factory sex toys are made from superior, medical grade silicone and body-safe plastics that are hygienic, hypoallergenic, and non-porous.

  • Rechargeable Vibrators: Fun Factory has several different styles of eco-friendly, rechargeable vibrators, including the Big Boss Vibrator, Paul and Paulina Dual Vibrator, Tiger Vibrator. Each USB rechargeable Fun Factory vibrator is made from firm, yet flexible, silicone and comes in a wide range of playful colours – and is completely waterproof!  Try the Cobra Libre 2 Male Masturbator, a strong rechargeable vibrator for men that will add excitement and thrills to solo or partnered play.
  • Anal Sex Toys: Interested in exploring anal play? Created with beginners in mind, Fun Factory has designed the easy to use Bootie Silicone Anal Plug and the Flexi Felix Anal Beads. For people with a little more experience, try the larger Silicone Bendy Beads. For a uniquely pleasurable sensation, try the B-Balls Anal Plug a set of non-vibrating anal balls that feature free moving internal weights in each ball. For people interested in trying prostate massage, the Duke Prostate Massager is a rechargeable vibrating anal sex toy that delivers strong vibrations to the prostate in men. Make sure to use plenty of lubricant and go slowly!
  • Dildos: No matter what type of dildo you are searching for, Fun Factory has just the right style for you, from non-vibrating, harness compatible dildos such as the Magnum Dildo, Tiger Dildo, or Bandito Dildo, to innovative strapless strap-on dildos, such as the Share Double Dildo or Share XS Double Dildo, and longer double dildos such as the New Wave Double Dildo or Sonic Double Dildo.
  • Kegal Exercising Balls: The Smart Balls Teneo Duo and Smart Balls Uno from Fun Factory are designed to efficiently exercise, strengthen, and tone your vaginal muscles. Developing stronger pelvic floor muscles has many benefits, including stronger, more frequent orgasms. Start slowly with 10 minutes a day and quickly see the difference that strengthening your kegals makes!
  • Thrusting Dildos: The innovative Stronic Eins, Stronic Zwei, and Stronic Drei are revolutionary new thrusting, pulsating dildos developed exclusively by German engineers at Fun Factory. Rather than vibrating, the Stronic sex toys deliver intense back and forth rocking, pulsating rhythms that mimic the motions of love making. 

Developed with an incredible attention to detail and a sleek, attractive aesthetic, Fun Factory creates high end luxury sex toys that are designed to last. This innovative, forward thinking brand has received many awards for their unique designs and commitment to excellence in using the safest sex toy materials. Find an extensive selection of Fun Factory vibrators, dildos, kegal exercising balls, butt plugs, and more at Honey Gifts!

50 Shades of Grey

Monday, January 26th, 2015

50 Shades of Grey hits theatres this Valentines Day. Come check out Honey to find all your favourite things from the film, available from the official 50 Shades of Grey collection. Bring in your movie ticket stub for 50 Shades of Grey and receive 10% off anything from the 50 Shades of Grey Official Collection.

The Duke Prostate Massager

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

The Duke Prostate Massager stimulates three zones at once; the anal tract, the prostate, and the perineum. This toys scale and ergonomic shape make it perfect for beginners and advanced users. Produced using soft and flexible medical grade silicone the Duke Prostate Massager is comfortable to use and 100% hypo-allergenic for your safe enjoyment. The Duke includes a powerful bullet that can be removed allowing the silicone to be thoroughly cleaned after use. This toy may improve erection and stamina and will stay inside the wearer if worn during intercourse due to its nose-shaped tip.


  • Soft and flexible medical grade silicone
  • 3 vibration settings, two programs
  • Hands free stimulation
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 100% Silicone
  • Rechargeable bullet
  • Dual action prostate and perineum stimulation
  • 2 year warranty

Sexual Tips and How to Use:This toy is best used when lubricated with a water based lubricant. Once lubricated gently insert the toy into his anus curved side facing forward towards his belly button. Prostate orgasms are considered the most intense.

Cleaning Advice:Clean this toy using warm water and antibacterial soap or a specially formulated toy cleaner. The bullet in this toy is waterproof so you can submerse the toy for easy cleaning.

Storing Advice:Store this sex toy in its own bag or container to help keep dust at bay. Do not store touching other silicone products.

Sizing and Specs For This Sex Toy:

  • Diameter: 1″ at widest point
  • Insertable length: 4″
  • Texture: Velvety.
  • Material: Silicone.
  • Waterproof: Yes.
  • Colors: Comes in Black and Dark Blue
  • Power: Rechargeable

Contact to answer your adult sex toy questions

Stimulate Your Largest Sex Organ

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Are looking for something to read that will titillate? Erotica can be a great way to explore your desires without actually having to attempt to create the fantasy. Erotica can also be a great way to discover things that excite you that you had no idea about. This guide can steer you in the right direction no matter what you are looking for.

Erotica comes in many different styles; from novels that follow a single story to collections that cover a wide range of topics and collections that focus on a single theme.

When thinking of erotic novels that follow a single story the 50 Shades trilogy immediately springs to mind. These novels by E.L. James follow the tumultuous relationship between wealthy businessman Christian Grey and literature student Anastasia Steele as she explores her desires and he learns that there are other routes to satisfying his own. These novels involve BDSM and have been instrumental in opening the door to men and women exploring some of their darker fantasies. The series includes the novels 50 Shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker, and 50 Shades Freed.

If you are looking for something a little darker, the cornerstone of BDSM stories for years has been the Story of O. This novel by Pauline Reage follows the story of “O”, a photographer, as she submits completely to her lover Rene and explores the underground of the BDSM scene.

Most collections have a minor unifying theme, for example erotica for women, erotica for couples, erotica for lesbians, etc. If you are looking for a very general collection of erotica that will contain a wide variety of stories a great place to start is The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica. Containing over 45 stories from a multitude of different authors there is sure to be something in this book that gets your engines revving. Some of the best erotica for women is written by Nancy Friday. In her collections she explores themes of female sexual awakening and exploration and provides a wide range of fantasies. Her novels include Women on Top, My Secret Garden, and Forbidden Flowers.

Erotica for couples is a great way to explore fantasies together by reading out loud to one another or both reading the story separately and coming together to discuss or explore. Couples erotica is also a great way to be able to share your fantasies with your partner, if it’s difficult for you to come out and say ‘I want to try (insert desire here)’ then it may be easier for you to say ‘I am really intrigued by what Sally and Joe did in the story we read’. Some great collections of couples erotica are Sweet Confessions, Sweet Life and Sweet Life 2, and Irresistible: Erotic Romance for Couples.

Lots of erotica comes in collections that explore specific themes. If you are looking for lesbian erotica a great collection is Best Lesbian Erotica, an annual collection of the years best lesbian themed erotica collected together in one volume. If you are looking for anal erotica a great collection is Luscious: Stories of Anal Eroticism. This volume collects together 27 unique stories celebrating anal sex. Another theme is aqua erotica, or erotic stories that involve water. A great collection is Wet: More Aqua Erotica, and as an added bonus the book is waterproof so you can take it into the water with you.

Another theme that is explored in erotica is BDSM. Many people are curious about bondage, or domination/submission, and some people are curious about exploring pain, either their own or others. This curiosity  isn’t always easy to explore, ones partner may not be interested, you may be single, or maybe you just aren’t ready to jump into the deep end. While many people are interested in reading an entire novel along these themes many other people find it more desirable to read a series of short stories that explore different situations and that can be read in a single session. Some great collections of BDSM themed erotica include Best Bondage Erotica, an annual collection of the years most celebrated short stories, or Anything for You: Erotica for Kinky Couples a collection falling in both the BDSM and couples categories.

Whatever your desire you are sure to find erotica that matches so explore some of these great stories today and satisfy not just your curiosity.

New Year’s Resolutions with a Twist of Honey

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Make this year’s resolution something fun and arousing!  Here is a list of sexy resolution suggestions that will make 2014 orgasmic!

For men, we suggest you resolve to experience prostate stimulation. Stimulation of the prostate has a host of health benefits such as reducing the risk of prostatitis, prostate cancer, genital pain, symptoms of erectile dysfunction and frequent night-time urination. But aside from all these wonderful benefits is the fact that stimulation of the prostate can result in an orgasm without any stimulation of the penis.  Quality toys designed to work with the male anatomy such as the Lelo Billy Vibrating Prostate Massager, the Naughty Boy P-Spot Vibrator, Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager, and the Pandora P-spot toy work to stimulate the prostate with simple clenching and releasing of the muscles to result in a “P-spot” orgasm very similar to a female G-spot orgasm.

For women, we suggest strengthening your pelvic floor muscles while enjoying the stimulating effects of Kegal balls! Pelvic floor exercises; which are also known as Kegel’s have been shown to reduce and prevent urinary incontinence, make recovering from childbirth easier, tighten the vagina and increase sexual pleasure.   Orgasms often become more intense as the muscles that contract are stronger.  The added bonus is that doing these exercises is also fun and easy with tools such as Lelo’s Luna Luxury Pleasure Balls or the smaller Lelo Luna Mini’s, and Cherry Love Geisha Balls. The Luna balls also come in a sleek black version.  These balls have a smaller ball tumbling within it causing the muscles to contract resulting in stronger muscles without the need to clench and release.  Other fantastic products include the Little Gold Balls and the Fifty Shades of Grey balls.

For couples, we suggest learning to give each other erotic massages.  Learning the technique to properly massage the genitals, breast, and backside is not only arousing but primes the body for sex by bringing lots of blood flow to these areas.  Get started with books dedicated to the subject such as Ultimate Erotic Massage and Pure Erotic Massage.  They contain detailed instructions and images to guide you on proper stroke and body placement techniques.   Select a quality massage product such as Barefoot Venus’ Natural Massage OilKama Sutra Massage Oil, massage bar or Intimate Organics Aromatherapy Massage Oil.   For something new, massage candles not only provide a warm oil to massage your partner but also sets the mood with candlelight,  try the Sun-touched Body Massage CandleShunga Caress by Candlelight Massage Candle or the Jimmy Jane Afterglow Massage Candle.  Other massage tools to alternate with are Jimmy Jane Contour M Ceramic Massage Stone or the Hitachi Magic Wand.

We hope we inspired you to add a sexy resolution to your list!

We hope to see you all in 2014 and wish you a sexy, romantic and playful New Year.

Harnesses, Double Dildos and Prosthetic Penis Attachments

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Ladies, have you ever wanted to switch roles and be the one with the penis? Men, have you fantasized about your female partner bending you over?  Are you experiencing erectile dysfunction?   Are you in a same sex relationship?  If so, a harness with a strap on dildo, a double dildo, or a prosthetic penis extender (PPA) are great options to add to your toy chest.


Harnesses come in many styles, from double penetration harnesses like the Orion or the Ménage-a-Trois Kit that comes with everything you need for a duo fantasy come true to ultra-comfortable cotton boy brief style harnesses like the Rodeoh.  The Joque Harness is not only well made and extremely appealing in its appearance but it can accommodate double dildos and strap on dildos as well.  Many materials are available such as supple hand-made leather harnesses and soft velvet harnesses that also hold a mini vibrator.  Beginner kits are a complete choice to get you started, like the Bend Over Beginner and Intermediate Kits.

A wide range of dildos exist that are compatible with harnesses such as the 6″ Suction Vibrating Dildo, or super realistic ones like the 7.5” Suction Dildo or the Mustang Vixen Dildo, and abstract silicone dildos such as the Magnum Dildo, Raquel Real Feel Dildo, Tiger Silicone Dildo, and the Bandito Silicone Dildo.


A great new innovation are harness free duel share dildos that are worn internally and held in place using the kegel muscles; not only do they provide satisfying stimulation for the receiver and the giver but they also help to strengthen and tone the kegel muscles as you play. This design allows you to experience full skin on skin contact for a more intimate connection with your partner. Realistic harness free double dildos are available such as the Realdoe which also has a bullet vibrator to further enhance the experience and vibrant colored ones such as the Nexus Jr. Dual Dildo, Nexus Dual Dildo, Feeldoe Slim Dual Share Dildo, Tango Dual Share Dildo, and the Share Double Dildo.  All of these are made of silicone for easy cleaning and sterilization.

Another great product for couples is the traditional double dildo.  Fun Factory has newly redesigned the classic double dildo and made two new versions that have amazing versatility; the New Wave Double Dildo can be worn like a harness free double dildo with an exciting spring action design for easy thrusting.  And the more traditional Sonic Double Dildo which can be used in the same manner as harness free dual share dildo but it can also be used for self double penetration because of its amazing flexibility.

The best part about many of these harness free products is that they can also be used with a harness for extra support or snugness.


PPAs and extensions are new options for men who are experiencing erectile problems, premature ejaculation or simply want to provide their partner with a different shape or size penis. They enclose the penis and wrap around the testicles so it can appear to be an extension of one self.  They are lifelike in appearance and touch lending itself well for different size, shape or color penis fantasies.


For more information about our products, please feel free to contact us toll free at 1-888-708-8065. Or shop online with discreet shipping at

Have fun!


Thursday, November 12th, 2009

There has been a tremendous increase in anal play between straight men and women (also known as pegging) over the eight years Honey has been in business. We are delighted to see how sexually at ease many couples have become. The stigma that one must be gay or anal sex damages ones body has been debunked and we have some tips to share on how to enjoy anal play safely while making the experience even more pleasurable for both partners.

Anal play is a great way to stimulate the prostate (p-spot), which is the male equivalent of the female g-spot. The prostate can be easily stimulated with a well-lubed finger curved towards the belly button two to three inches into the rectum. A man can have an orgasm just by slowly stimulating the prostate or intensify his orgasm by stimulating both the p-spot and the penis. A small vibrating toy or a full dildo preferable with a curve can be an excellent addition. The important thing to remember about anal play is that it is suppose to be fun and pleasurable, so communicating what you like or dislike is key to enjoying yourself. Take your time and go slowly with plenty of foreplay.

Key Points of Enjoyable Anal Play/Pegging:

1. Cleanliness: Good hygiene is important when exploring anal play; be sure to keep your hands clean and your nails trimmed when using fingers to explore. Make sure you have chosen toys that can be easily cleaned and/or sterilized after use and NEVER insert anything that has been in your anus into your vagina or mouth until after it has been cleaned.

2. Communication: Making sure to keep the lines of communication open at all times. From initiating anal play all the way to enjoying it, you want to make sure your partner is comfortable with each step along the way.

3. Relaxation: Anal play can be painful especially if you have not taken the time to prepare yourself and relax into the sensation. Rushing can cause discomfort and can make you or your partner resistant to trying it again, so make sure to take your time and go at a comfortable pace for both you and your partner.

4. Lubrication: ALWAYS USE LUBE. The anus itself does not produce any lubrication and if you try to play with dry skin you can easily hurt the thin skin of the rectum. To help ease the way for your fingers or toys, it is essential to use a good lubricant for a comfortable and enjoyable back door play session. Apply lubricant liberally and don’t be afraid to add more during, it will only increase the pleasure. Some great suggestions for anal play are Slippery Stuff water based lubricant. This lube is gel like in texture providing a thicker barrier between the toy/finger and delicate anal tissue. Another good option is a silicone based lubricant because they do not dry out even under water. Try ID Millennium or Jo Silicone based lubricant, but make sure you don’t use the silicone lube with a silicone sex toy.

5. Once you’ve mastered the basics and feel comfortable with anal play you can introduce toys, harnesses, and dildos and so much more into your anal play.

Harnesses: Using a harness allows you to strap a dildo to yourself with comfort and stability. It also allows you the versatility of changing the size of your dildos with interchangeable rings that can accommodate different sizes. The Venus Leather Harness and Vibrating Velvet Corset Harness are both sturdy and allow for different sizes of dildos while still being soft and comfortable.

Dildos: You may prefer to start with a smaller dildo when first venturing into anal play as this can help ease the transition from fingers to toys without being too imposing. The Bend Over Beginner kit provides you with a velvet harness and two different sizes of dildos to transition you from a smaller dildo to larger one and accommodating rings for even larger dildos if you desire. The Fun Factory Bandito and Tiger are flexible silicone dildos with wide bases that can easily fit into harnesses to provide different textures and curves for more variety in sensation. When using a dildo we recommend using one with a slight curve upwards to help stimulate the prostate and fit more naturally with the body.

Double Ended Dildos: The double ended dildo is a great way to experience anal play without the harness getting in the way of skin on skin contact. This type of dildo also provides both partners with simultaneous stimulation. The Fun Factory Share and Tango allow you to insert the bean shaped blunt end into your vagina and you hold it in place with the strength of your kegal muscles. The vaginal end also curves for g-spot stimulation in her. After you have inserted the `bean’ shaped end, you are left with the dildo pointed outward and held close to your body so you can enjoy the sensual skin to skin contact during your anal play. These sex toys can also be inserted into a harness when first starting out so that you can strengthen your kegal muscles before trying it on its own. The Tango also has the added benefit of a hole at the base of the toy for inserting a bullet so you get the benefit of vibrations sent down the shaft and into the vaginal end.

Always remember that anal sex is not supposed to hurt. If it is painful, stop and engage in more foreplay or try it again another night. If you are concerned about cleanliness, you can always use an anal douche with warm water 1-2 hours before you engage in anal play.

Educate yourself with wonderful DVDs such as The Better Sex Guide to Anal Pleasure and Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Anal Sex.

Sex Furniture: Hitting all the Right Spots!

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Using furniture specifically designed for sex play is a fantastic way to comfortably and easily position both your bodies for optimal sensual play. Using furniture that is foam and shaped with sexual positions in mind creates angles to reach pleasure spots not experienced otherwise. They provide more support than your own pillows and enables you to try a multitude of fun positions.


Sometimes there isn’t much difference between the right spot and a near-miss. The Iceberg is really versatile and ergonomically designed to decrease the stress on a women’s body.

– It is great to place under your neck when doing the “woman on top” position as it brings you closer to your partner.

– “Downward dog” with the hands free vibrator in place is a must. Improving the angle of penetration as well as helping your partner support the weight and stay in position.

– Elevate your partner’s hips during “missionary” style to improve the angle of the penis to rub against the G spot.
– Under your head and neck for a good “face sitting” which the face closer to the object of it’s affection.
– If you are a sufferer of back pain using a positioning device can be the difference between great sex or no sex. The Iceberg provides the perfect curve for the back allowing you to position yourself in a variety of poses. The curve can support your shoulders and neck to help position you for cunnilingus or fellatio, or support her lower back while you have her legs over your shoulders for deep penetration.
– The Iceberg has the advantage of a vibrator pocket, especially designed to fit a toy such as the Lelo Gigi. You can position yourself over the iceberg and have the vibration perfectly positioned at your clitoris …hands-free to explore other erotic areas!
– When the night is through, unzip the cover and throw it in the wash. The polysuede cover is soft, sensual and easy to clean.

Sometimes due to our bodies shape or size we need a little more support to make our bed play comfortable. The Tilt provides a soft rounded curve that will provide comfortable support for your body.

– When placed beneath your neck and shoulders with the woman on top for a “69” position you can easily and comfortably reach all of her body and help support her as well.
– The tilt easily supports her hips and chest for the deep penetration of the “doggy style” it can also help to support his knees when thrusting from behind. This also helps to position you easy for anal penetration.
– Easily elevate your partner’s hips during missionary position for ease of deep penetration.
– The tilt easily lifts her hips while supporting the lower back for deeper and more intimate missionary positions. Perfect if your partner suffers from back pain or discomfort.
– Support both of your hips and torsos for this snug fit of him on top and her laying beneath.

Love Lounge:

The love lounge is a combination unit providing you with a high and low end allowing you to support your whole body with ease.

– Easily support your entire body during missionary position, his knees and thighs are support for stronger thrusts and her body is fully cushioned and supported.
– For easy cunnilingus you can simply support the back of your thighs against the higher ridge of love lounge and position yourself over him. He will be comfortable and able to play longer.
– Using the higher ridge you can position her hips higher easy access for both deep penetration and anal simulation. Her entire torso is supported along the decline for comfort and saves her arms from straining to hold her weight up.
– With her on top she can easily support a stronger thrust with her knees being supported and raised, also because of the incline with him on his back he can easily lift her with his thighs for a deeper and harder thrust.
– Ride him cowgirl style and have your body easily supported in his lap and your knees higher off the g
round. Also with him reclining on the incline he can use his thighs to thrust harder and deeper.
– Using the length of this love lounge you can easily lay lengthwise along one another for a new and exciting position and sensations.

The Liberators:

The liberator provides you with the fun option of having a ramp, a wedge or a combination of the two together. The benefit of this is that you can choose to purchase the combo and have the options to play with them together or separately for a variety of positions.

The Wedge provide the perfect support for her lower back to lift her hips high, allowing him to penetrate deep while laying over her body for intimacy and sensation.

The Ramp lifts her back and hips supporting her body in a more upright position, allowing him to get up close and personal with ease. The ramp also helps to support and ease your upper body so that you do not need to have all your body weight supported on a flat surface.

Combined the Ramp and Wedge help to lift the body and support the back, thighs and torso for comfort and ease in positioning allowing for deeper, stronger thrusts and longer play time.

With him laying along the combo with his head supported by the wedge and her supported atop his both can easily reach each other’s erogenous zones while being supported for comfort.

With her atop him he can easily thrust deep with his hips supported by the larger ramp while his neck is supported by the wedge so there is less strain on the upper back and shoulder. With her knees raised over the ramp she can easily get more height with less effort.

Whether trying something small such as the iceberg or going for the full love lounge you will be sure to love experiencing the different positions with the support and comfort of the bedroom furniture, in fact, you’ll be wondering what you did before them!