Everything You’ve Wanted to Know (and More) About Prostate Massage

October 12th, 2015

Lelo Prostate Massagers

From the innovative, award winning, luxury sex toy company that has created some of the most popular sex toys for men, women, and couples in the last decade comes three new high quality, vibrating USB rechargeable prostate massagers – Lelo Bruno, Lelo Hugo, and Lelo Loki.

Curious about male prostate massage? Wondering whether you should give it a try? Not sure where to start? Take a look below to learn everything you’ve wanted to know (and more) about prostate massage!

Prostate Infographic
Source: LELO

Find the revolutionary new Lelo Bruno, Lelo Hugo, and Lelo Loki prostate massagers, along with the extended line of high quality Lelo vibrators and sexual health products for men, women, and couples at Honey Gifts in Vancouver, Canada, and online, with free shipping for all orders over $85 in Canada and the United States.

Erika Lust: It’s Time for Porn to Change

September 23rd, 2015

Erika Lust, award-winning adult filmmaker from Europe.

Erika Lust is an award-winning female adult film director based in Barcelona, Spain who explores the beauty of sex through adult cinema from a female perspective.

When Erika first began watching pornography, she quickly realised that the adult films that were available were written and filmed by men, and just didn’t resonate with her beliefs and values. Erika firmly believes that adult erotic films should celebrate sexuality, intimacy, and genuine passion, without any degradation or objectification. Keeping this is mind, Erika set out to change the porn industry by creating erotic films with a different perspective then other adult filmmakers.

For 10 years now, Erika has been creating tasteful, artistic adult films for a new generation that are receiving world-wide recognition and praise. Erika’s sexually liberating films are different because they feature women in leadership roles in the process of film making. In Erika’s films, women are behind the camera, directing the action, as well as realising their sexual fantasies in front of the camera. Rather than presenting women as objects to fulfil men’s desires, Erika’s films celebrate women’s desires and focus on pleasure for everyone. In her films, both women and men give and receive pleasure equally in steamy scenes that display authentic arousal, sincere attraction, and real orgasms.

Erika’s sexually explicit films promote positive and healthy forms of sexual expression between consenting adults rather than exploitation and objectification. Through her revolutionary films, Erika is challenging the standards of the adult film industry, making a positive change towards equality by creating erotic adult films that stand behind their values.

Erika Lust’s innovative adult films are available for digital download from Honey Gifts in Vancouver, Canada. Explore Erika’s many different adult film titles here!

Simply add the film you would like to see to your cart and after checkout a private link will be sent to your email address. Click on this link to safely, securely, and privately download the adult film to your home computer.

Watch Erika’s truly arousing adult films in the comfort and privacy of your own home with a digital download from Honey Gifts!

Watch Erika Lust’s inspiring and informative Ted Talk on the subject of pornography below.

Romantic Getaways

August 24th, 2015

Planning a romantic getaway can bring you closer together then ever before!


Planning a romantic getaway is a fun way to bring you closer together as a couple. Going on a romantic vacation together, whether you are planning a week of exiting international travel or a relaxing weekend getaway nearby, gives you and your partner time to relax and reconnect while enjoying each another’s company. Planning a romantic getaway is just like planning any other vacation – it pays to plan ahead! Make sure you pack everything you need ahead of time to inspire intimacy and sensuality on your vacation.

Planning Ahead for Romance:

– When you get the hotel and get settled, set the tone of the getaway by giving your partner an erotic massage using a romantic massage candle. Unsure how to give your partner a massage? Try out some of the easy to learn techniques in the Touch Me Erotic Massage Game.

– Get inspired by reading erotic stories to one another from the Sweet Confessions: Erotic Fantasies for Couples book. Or try playing one of the erotic games in Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games, which includes 12 quick, sexy games to play with your partner.

– Want to really heat things up? Surprise your partner with some erotic lingerie and a couple’s sex toy to try together!

– Not sure what to bring? The Kama Sutra Getaway Kit and the Kama Sutra Weekenders Kit are specially designed with several different travel-sized romantic oils, lotions, and pleasure gels to try together.

– Make sure to pack any lubricant and safe sex supplies you might need.

Travel Tips for a Worry-Free Romantic Getaway:

– When you’re packing your adult sex toys, make sure to remove any batteries to avoid your vibrator turning on accidentally in your suitcase. Some rechargeable vibrators feature a travel lock function to prevent this from happening. If you’re flying, some airlines place restrictions on what you can bring in your carry-on luggage. For hassle-free traveling, it’s recommended to pack your sex toys in clear plastic bags in your checked baggage.

– Make sure to pack extra batteries or the charger for your rechargeable sex toys. When leaving the hotel, make sure you don’t forget to take your chargers with you.

– Taking some extra time to set the mood for a night of romance makes your romantic getaway feel extra-special. Bring some candles, scented rose petals, and some romantic music, or bring an erotic DVD to watch together.

– Once at the hotel, make sure to put the “do not disturb” sign on the door and request to not be interrupted with a turn-down service if the hotel provides one. You don’t want to be interrupted when things are heating up!

What Frequent Travelers Know:

– Print a copy of any confirmations from hotel, car, or flight reservations. That way, you have all the information you need right at hand in case you need to confirm your travel itinerary with the front desk of the hotel or travel agent at the airport.

– If you aren’t familiar with your destination, it’s a good idea to check out Google Maps before you leave, and get an idea of where you’re going so you don’t miss that important highway exit turn off to your destination!

Keep in Mind…

Planning a romantic getaway is all about bringing you closer to your partner and getting some much deserved rest and relaxation time together. Even if everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan, just remember it’s all part of the adventure. Bon Voyage!

Sex Toys Vancouver

July 20th, 2015


Honey Gifts botique sex shop located at 3448 Cambie Street and 350 Water Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Searching for sex toys in Vancouver, Canada? Come to Honey Gifts! Honey is Vancouver’s premier destination for high quality sex toys in Vancouver, Canada. We know that it can be difficult for some people to feel comfortable coming into a sex store, that is why our two beautiful locations are designed with comfort in mind. Our brightly lit, clean sex stores in Vancouver, BC, are a comfortable environment to discreetly shop for sex toys. Unsure what you are looking for? Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have.

Honey Gifts botique sex shop located at 3448 Cambie Street and 350 Water Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada

At our two beautiful Vancouver locations we carry a wide selection of sex toys, massage oils, lubricants and other adult products designed to heighten intimacy and desire in your romantic relationship. Introducing sex toys into your sexual relationship with your partner can ignite passion, rekindle the spark, and bring you closer together. A lot of people find that just coming to Honey with their partner to pick out a sex toy together is exciting!


Honey Gifts botique sex shop located at 3448 Cambie Street and 350 Water Street in Vancouver, BC, Canada

In addition to our original location on Cambie Street, Honey is now in Gastown, too! Our newest upscale boutique sex shop in beautiful, historic Gastown is conveniently located just a few minutes from Waterfront station in Vancouver. Honey Gifts in Gastown is open from 10 am – 7 pm daily, while our Cambie Street location is open from 11 am – 8 pm daily. Both of our locations have a great selection of adult sex toys and lingerie products to choose from.

Shop discreetly for sex toys at www.HoneyGifts.com, and visit our two beautiful locations in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, to see our great selection of sex toys and lingerie.

Complete the fantasy with erotic stripper shoes from Pleaser!

June 22nd, 2015

Find Pleaser stripper shoes at Honey Gifts in Vancouver, Canada!

‘Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.’ – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn said it best! Choosing the perfect pair of shoes will add just the right finishing touch to any outfit, from supportive running shoes for that 5k for charity to easygoing flip flops for relaxing on the beach, so why not get a pair of erotic shoes to wear in the bedroom?

One of the most well-known erotic stripper shoe brands is Pleaser. Since 1993, Pleaser has been creating exotic stripper shoes that are worn by exotic dancers across Canada and the United States on stage during their performances. Exotic dancers wear high stiletto heels on stage to give their body a longer and leaner appearance. Stripper shoes add to the fantasy and make barely-there outfits more uniquely daring and risqué.

Erotic stripper shoes are often designed with seductive eye-catching details that are designed to boost sex appeal, such as fluffy marabou trim, glittering rhinestones, and daring high clear platforms. Wearing stripper shoes can make you feel like you are another person for the night. For this reason, stripper shoes make the perfect accessory for roleplaying in the bedroom. Need some roleplaying ideas? Try…

School girl: Wear the Allure Stiletto Heeled Sandals with a school girl outfit, such as the Extra Credit Schoolgirl Lingerie set. Wear your hair in a two ponytails, and while licking seductively on a lollipop ask your partner to help you with your homework!

Naughty cop: The glittery Diamond Imbedded Ankle Strap Sandals are perfect for this outfit. Wear these shoes with the Dirty Cop outfit and the have a pair of Furry Handcuffs ready to use. Tell your partner they are under arrest, and then preform a slow strip search…

French Maid: Wear the marabou feather trimmed Belle Fur Bedroom Slippers and the Maid me Dirty costume for this classic roleplaying idea. Don’t forget to use a Sensual Body Feather to lightly tease your partner during foreplay.

If you don’t wear high stiletto heels often, make sure to practice walking in your new shoes, first! Some suggestions for learning to walk confidently in high heeled stripper shoes is to take smaller steps, walk slower, and step carefully from heel to toe. Practice on your own first, so you are confident for your big reveal.

Visit our erotic lingerie and adult sex toy boutiques located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, to try on the latest erotic stripper shoes from Pleaser, or order online for discreet shipping to your home. We offer free shipping for orders over $85 to Canada and the United States!

New Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand

June 8th, 2015

Have you heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand? Recommended by countless industry experts, including Dr. Laura Berman and Betty Dodson, and featured on Sex and The City, the original Hitachi Magic Wand is legendary in the world of high quality sex toys for the past 30 years. Now comes the innovative new Rechargeable Original Magic Wand!

This revolutionary new version of the original Hitachi Magic Wand provides the same incredibly strong external vibrations – without the cord! That means that you are no longer restricted to using the Magic Wand near a wall plug in. The versatility of the new cordless version means that you can use it nearly anywhere, just make sure not to take it in the shower or the bath as the Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand isn’t waterproof. Simply use a damp washcloth to carefully clean the head of the Magic Wand.

Whereas the original Hitachi Magic Wand has two speeds, this new rechargeable version features 4 vibration patterns with 4 levels of intensity at the touch of a button. The easy to use button controls and light up display make finding the right vibration setting simple. For added comfort, make sure to use some water based lube when using the Magic Wand on the vulva and clitoris. The new version of the Magic Wand is compatible with the Curved Attachment and Wonder Wand Attachment designed for the original Magic Wand, too.

This updated version of the original Hitachi Magic Wand also features a smooth, silicone head that is non-porous, hygienic, and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. For a relaxing all-over body massage to soothe achy muscles, try the Magic Wand on your shoulders or back. When you are ready to charge this sex toy, simply plug it into the wall using the included charging cord and in 3 hours it will be fully charged.

The Rechargeable Original Magic Wand is the perfect sex toy for people that are searching for a strong vibrator that delivers incredibly powerful external vibrations. For the past 30 years, the original Hitachi Magic Wand has been the go-to sex toy for countless women, a title that may be surpassed quickly with the versatile, cordless Rechargeable Original Magic Wand! Find the Rechargeable Original Magic Wand at Honey Gifts in Vancouver, Canada.

Sylvie Monthule: Erotic jewelry from Paris, France

May 25th, 2015

From the award winning artist Sylvie Monthulé comes an entire line of non-piercing erotic jewellery for men and women designed to increase stimulation and pleasure. The Sylvie Monthule collection is comprised of original, elegant works of erotic body jewelry in the finest materials, including lustrous gold, gleaming silver, sparkling Swarovski crystals, and polished Hematite stones. Each piece of non-piercing erotic jewelry is designed and handmade in Paris, France with the utmost attention to detail.

As an artist, Sylvie Monthule vision was to create pieces of erotic fine art to wear on the body to enhance the sexual experience. Sylvie Monthule’s collection can be enjoyed for their style, function, and pleasure enhancing properties. One of the most popular items in the Sylvie Monthule collection, the Boules Geisha Intimate Pleasure Beads, is designed to be worn vaginally for pleasure as well as strengthening the kegal muscles. This stylish take on traditional geisha beads may be worn underneath clothing for discrete pleasure.

Sylvie Monthule has created many pieces of intimate jewelry for women that are worn as one would wear a g-string. The Muse des Plaisirs G-String features a smooth, rounded drop pendant is designed to rest against the clitoris, providing exquisite sensations as you move. The Caresses Du Nil Jewelled G-String is designed to heighten sensations during sex with a partner, as the petite strands of hematite beads caress your most intimate parts and bring you closer together. For those seeking adventure without the permanence of a traditional piercing, the Hematite Non-piercing Labia Jewels attach gently to the labia, giving the appearance of a piercing on a woman’s most intimate parts.

While many of the pieces in this exquisite line of erotic jewellry are designed for women, Sylvie Monthule’s non-piercing nipple jewelry may be enjoyed by both men and women. The delicate silver filigree designs on Feuille D’Argent Nipple Jewels will add an elegant flourish of style, while the beautiful dragonfly motif on the Libellules Nipple Jewels presents a touch of whimsical charm.

Several of the pieces in this line of erotic wearable art are designed specifically to enhance the sexual experience for men, such as the Serpent Cock Ring and the Verge Lion Or Cock Ring along with the matching Bijou Or Cock Leash. These attractive and stylish cock rings serve an additional purpose in enhancing the sexual experience by assisting the wearer to maintain a stronger erection for longer.

Honey Gifts is proud to present this luxurious collection of non-piercing erotic body jewellry from European designer Sylvie Monthulé at our two boutique locations in Vancouver, Canada, and on our website. Wear only the finest in erotic, non-permanent body jewelry – Sylvie Monthule.

Bordelle Lingerie

May 11th, 2015

Simply stunning – two little words that exemplify the reaction of our customers to Bordelle lingerie. Established in 2007 by critically acclaimed designer Alexandra Popa, this London-based lingerie brand is created with the highest attention to detail. The Bordelle collection features lust-inspiring designs that are truly bold and exceptionally unique. Imported directly from Europe, Honey Gifts is proud to present this line of luxurious lingerie to our customers.

The house of Bordelle is known for bringing a unique bondage-inspired concept to their signature lingerie line, creating daring and provocative lingerie styles that are rivalled by none. Worn by celebrities such as Britney Spears, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga, this brand is at the foremost of high fashion. Bordelle lingerie is committed to creating unique, bondage inspired lingerie designs using the highest quality materials, including the finest sheer mesh, delicate wispy eyelash lace, and exquisite 18k gold plated fastenings.

From the daring Cabaret Open Bra and revealing Bondage Harness Brief, to the silhouette enhancing Push-Up Bodice Bra and enticing Webbed Suspender Garter Belt, Bordelle creates elegant lingerie with a wickedly seductive appeal that radiates style and sophistication. Several of the unique Bordelle styles, such as the Gia Shelf Bra and Harness Thong, are also available in a demure cream colour.

The entire Bordelle lingerie collection has received critical acclaim from European Vogue and Elle magazines for their dedication to creating lingerie in exquisite designs using the finest of materials. Once found solely in luxury boutiques in Europe, this exquisite line of lingerie can now be found at Honey Gifts in Vancouver, Canada. For moments where you truly want to leave a lasting impression, reach for Bordelle lingerie.

Honeymoon Lingerie

April 29th, 2015

After choosing what styles of bridal lingerie to wear underneath your bridal gown on your wedding day, the next step is to choose what beautiful lingerie you will be wearing on your wedding night! If you’re planning to travel with your partner for your honeymoon, you’ll probably want to choose a few different pieces to bring on your honeymoon with you to wear throughout the romantic vacation. Many pieces of wedding lingerie feature romantic details such as beautiful lace trim, dreamy ribbon accents, and charming petite bows, in white or cream colors.

For your wedding night, a basque is the ultimate in seductive, sophisticated lingerie for the modern woman. A basque provides just the right amount of support and coverage, while the light boning on the side provides subtle body contouring for a smooth and sculpted silhouette. For your wedding night, the beautiful Odette Corset and matching Odette Bikini Brief from Heidi Klum in beautiful retro cream make a stunning impression.

You might want to bring a robe to wear over revealing lingerie, or for wearing over pyjamas when lounging in the hotel with your partner. The elegant Something Blue Robe is designed in classic cream using elegant lace and the softest jersey material. A short sleeve robe, such as the white satin Betsey Johnson Satin and Lace Wrap, is ideal for tropical honeymoon destinations.

When you’re searching for lingerie that is flattering and comfortable, without sacrificing sex appeal, a chemise is the way to go! The majority of chemise style lingerie pieces are designed without the use of underwire or boning, making this a versatile piece of lingerie comfortable enough for sleeping and lounging in. Many pieces, such as the Matilda Chemise are created with intricately detailed lace trim that draws the eye to the bust.

When you want to wear something a little more provocative, try a peek-a-boo style underwear and bra. This erotic style of lingerie leaves little to the imagination! The Only Hearts Coucou Lola Bralette and Only Hearts Coucou Lola Coulotte in cream and blue are amazingly seductive, with peek-a-book style openings that reveal a tantalizing glimpse of skin.

A teddy is a body-skimming piece of lingerie that hugs your natural feminine curves for a sleek, streamlined silhouette. Made from beautiful floral lace with a flirty ruffled hem, the Betsey Johnson Sheer Lace Teddy in ivory is a delightful piece of lingerie that features a revealing snap open closure at the crotch. The daring Valerie Lace Teddy combines romantic floral lace and an intricate strappy thong-style back with to create a distinctly erotic bridal lingerie outfit.

When you’re packing your suitcase for your honeymoon, don’t forget to pack the right accessories to compliment your beautiful honeymoon lingerie – a pair of sheer white stockings, a lace garter belt, and a set of sparkling nipple pasties!

Wedding Day Lingerie

April 18th, 2015

When you are getting married, you have so many things to plan, including what you will be wearing underneath the gown! With so many options for beautiful bridal lingerie, where do you begin?

One of the questions many women ask is what type of bra they should be wearing underneath their bridal gown? The answer depends on the style of the gown you will be wearing! Some questions to consider when shopping for a bra to wear under your bridal gown are:

What type of neckline does the gown you will be wearing have? Demi bra styles are great options for many mid-rise designs, such as the Macpherson Committed Love Underwire Bra.

– What type of straps will the bra need? Strapless styles are a great choice for bridal gown designs that feature narrow straps or no straps, such as the Elle Macpherson Committed Love Strapless Bra.

– What type of padding, if any, do you prefer? Bras range from sheer non-padded designs, subtle foam contouring styles, to dramatically silhouette enhancing air-padded options, such as the Huit Arpege Padded Air Bra.

Generally, a bra that is a lighter color or one that matches your skin tone is preferable to wear under bridal gowns, so as to be less visible, such as the Elle Macpherson Cloud Swing Balconette Bra in cream. Many women choose to wear the Nippies Crème or Caramel Heart Nipple Covers when wearing a sheer bra for discreet nipple coverage during photographs.

Some gowns are designed with built in support, so that you can choose whether you want to wear a bra. When you are considering going without a bra, you may want to wear a pair of comfortable silicone Nippies Natural Skin Nipple Covers, to completely conceal nipples during photographs. For added security, wear Nippies Stylin’ Tape, a clear body-safe tape to secure clothing such as shoulder straps and necklines where they belong.

The style and cut of underwear you choose to wear will also depend on the style of the gown you will be wearing. A slim-fitting gown requires a smooth, seamless pair of underwear that lay flat against the body, such as the Commando Invisible Thong or the Hanky Panky Bridal Panty.

Garters will ensure that stockings stay where they should on your big day! A garter belt such as the L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Vanesa Suspender Belt will keep stockings from slipping, or try a traditional leg garter, such as the L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Alia Garter. For a coordinated set, you can match your bra, underwear, and garter. The Cloud Nine Balconette Bra, Cloud Nine Thong, and Cloud Nine Garterbelt together make a beautiful, matching bridal ensemble.

No matter what style of lingerie you are planning to wear, it is recommended to try it on with the gown you are planning to wear to make sure it is supportive, flattering, and seamless underneath your bridal gown. Wear your wedding lingerie with the confidence, knowing you will be beautifully glowing on your big day!