Can I Put This In My Butt?

Considering taking the plunge into anal pleasure? There are few things to consider when selecting your first (or second, or third) booty specific toy. Most people know about the flared base rule, but there are some other requirements that people rarely think about. Is it sanitary? Is it breakable? If you know what to look out for, shopping for butt toys will soon become a lot less confusing – and a lot more fun!

So, what are you thinking of putting in your butt?

Yes! Go for it! There’s no chance of those fingers getting lost inside and those concerned about hygiene can easily use a latex or nitrile glove.¬†Touching and teasing the sensitive nerves around the anus with a finger or two is a great way to get started and build up to some more intense play. Just make sure those nails are trimmed and any rings are put aside.

Not unless it has a flared base or an attachable stopper specifically designed for anal play. Unlike the vagina wherein it is relatively easy to retrieve toys and other objects, the rectum kind of… keeps going. It is very common for inserted objects to be “lost” and, trust me, you do NOT want to spend your date night in the ER. Something like the We-Vibe Tango can be gently pressed against the opening for some stimulating foreplay but I don’t recommend taking it any further.


Quest 10-Speed Prostate Massager: A great bullet-style butt toy!

Maaaybe. Don’t get me wrong, glass toys can feel amazing: you can use silicone lubricant with them, dabble in temperature play by first running your toy under warm or cool water, and the clean-up is super easy (I wish we could run all sex toys through the dishwasher!) but, again, keep that flared base in mind. There are many glass sex toys sold on the market nowadays and these are made from extra tough glass that is designed to withstand a good pounding. However, always check your glass toy for cracks or chips before use and after cleaning. If you’re thinking of using something not designed to go inside your body – glass bottles, that weird unicorn sculpture you got for Christmas that you don’t know what to do with – I beg you, just don’t.


The Clear Swirl Glass Dildo is so pretty you’ll want to display it on your mantle

We heart dildos! Silicone dildos with flared bases (which most suction cup dildos have) are perfect for anal play. Not only can you have some solo fun by suctioning your toy to the floor or the shower wall, but pretty much all of them are harness compatible for your pegging pleasure. 100% medical grade silicone toys are also non-porous which means that they don’t have anywhere for bacteria to hide which is super important when it comes to any sex toy.


Turn up the heat with the Fuze Flame Suction Cup Dildo

I know your parents told you that you’d grow to love your veggies but I don’t think they meant it quite like this. Some people will tout vegetables like carrots and cucumbers as budget friendly sex toys and while this may technically be true, I recommend you keep them far away from any sort of butt play. Most vegetables don’t have a natural flared base and are easily snapped and broken. Save yourself an embarrassing adventure to the hospital and keep the vegetables on the plate.

If you’re looking for a butt specific toy and don’t know where to start, check out the Butt Toys section of our website or, if you’re in Vancouver, pop into our stores. We’re always happy to chat and help you select the best toy for you!