Questions From The Sales Floor

Believe it or not, just because you visit a sex store doesn’t mean you need to know much (or anything at all!) about sex toys. One of our main jobs, aside from re-stocking the lube and dusting off the dildos, is answering your questions. Curious about what everybody else is asking? Here are a few A’s to some of the more popular Q’s…

What toy should I get?
Much like someone’s pizza topping preference or favourite Friend (Chandler Bing, FYI), sex toys are an intensely personal thing. What someone else likes might not be what you like. We get asked a lot what toy is “the best” or the most popular but “the best” is subjective and I don’t want to sell you something just because I’ve sold 9 already today and want to make it an even 10. I want to sell you something that you’ll enjoy!

Sometimes the staff have to play detective to figure out what kind of toy you’re looking for: Internal or external? Do you like a lot of power or something a bit on the softer side? We’re not asking just to be pervy, your answers help us tailor our suggestions and hopefully you’ll walk away with a toy that really gets your juices flowing (literally and figuratively).

Can I return this if I change my mind?
Sorry, we have a pretty strict ‘No Returns’ policy when it comes to toys, bondage gear and other “intimate items”. I totally get that people change their minds after the fact but even if the box is unopened, we can’t take it back. At all. We sell things that… you know… go inside of you. Would you like to buy a butt plug that you knew had been sitting in somebody else’s bedside drawer for a week until they changed their mind on it? Read our official Returns & Exchanges policy here.

Fun Factory ShareVibe

What’s good for couples to use together?
So. Many. Things. My favourite recommendation for couples looking to “spice things up” is to make a night of it. Start with an erotic massage with some warming massage candles, add some flavoured lube (for a Tiramisu flavoured blow job) and finish off with a toy designed specifically with couples in mind.

If you’re looking for toys that stimulate/vibrate against the penis and vagina at the same time, you could try the We-Vibe Sync, the Eva Hands Free Vibrator or a vibrating cock ring like the Je Joue Mio. We have affordable battery operated cock rings, too so you don’t need to take the plunge on a big purchase if you’re not sure. For toys that penetrate both partners, the Fun Factory ShareVibe is excellent (and you can get vibrating and not vibrating versions).

Sliquid Sassy Booty Natural Lubricating Gel

What lubricant should I get?
This question definitely deserves it’s own in-depth post as not all lubes are interchangeable. A safe bet is any water-based lubricant. These keep things nice and slick and are safe to use for any kind of sex, with any toy and any condom (of course, always read the label just to be sure). Waterbased lube will eventually be absorbed through the skin and what is left behind on the surface may get sticky or tacky. Most people just re-apply or add a few drops of water to revive the lube.

Silicone lubes contain – you guessed it – silicone. These molecules provide that extra slippery feeling that stays on the surface of your skin (hot hint: use silicone lube for shower sex – the water won’t wash it away as easily as natural vaginal fluids or waterbased lube). A big warning for silicone lubricant, however, avoid using it with silicone toys (like most dildos and vibrators) as it will degrade the toy. For use with sex, stainless steel, glass, toys, etc – go for it!

Am I normal?
YES. Seriously. Our store caters to people of all sexual preferences and experience levels so we really and truly have seen it all. Still, we understand that sex is such a private, personal thing that sometimes it’s hard to know whether what we’re feeling or experiencing (or not experiencing) is normal. Whether you’ve never had an orgasm, can only come from a certain type of stimulation or hate that sex position everybody else seems to looove, remember that you are completely, 100% normal. While technically we’re here to sell you sex toys (and bondage gear and lingerie and condoms and…), we find ourselves often reassuring customers that what they’re experiencing is totally normal and, more likely than not, happened to one us at one time or another. So, take a deep breath, relax and let us help you find what you’re looking for.



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