Keepin’ It Clean: Anal Douching

The world of anal play can be exhilarating, but also a little nerve wracking – especially for first timers. There’s a lot to consider, including that one big question that lurks at the back of our minds… What if I’m not clean enough?

Look, it’s a fact of life that everyone poops (they even wrote a book about it) and there’s always a chance that there will be something left in your anal canal even after a bowel movement. If an accident happens in the bedroom, it may be a little awkward but are you really going to let a normal bodily function get in the way of potentially mind-blowing sex? No? Good.

So, how do I get clean “back there”?

When prepping for anal play, whether you’re looking forward to fingers, toys or full penetrative sex, it’s a good idea to make sure that the area is clean and fresh, not just out of respect for your partner but it will also allow your mind to relax and enjoy the moment. If keeping clean is something you’re interested in, an enema or anal douche is your best friend. Some people don’t feel the need to douche and simply clean the area in the shower beforehand, and that’s perfectly fine too.

Are an enema and a douche the same thing?

There are some differences between an enema and a douche. A douche is usually a squeezable bulb with a long nozzle for insertion and holds less water than an enema (the Ergo Flo Director Anal Douche, for example). It is used for cleaning the anal cavity before anal sex. An enema, on the other hand, is used for a deeper intestinal clean and sometimes comes as a bag with a valve to control water flow. In the world of sex, both terms generally mean the same thing: a tool used to get you clean!

Do I have to just use water? What about soap or body wash?

Some people think that adding soap to their douche will give them a better clean but, trust me, that’s not the case. The lining of the anal cavity is sensitive and using soap or other additives can irritate and cause infection. It’s recommended to use ONLY room temperature or mildly warm water.

Are you going to explain how to douche or not?

Sure! First, you need a douche. I recommend something simple for your first time. The Colt Anal Douche is perfect because it comes with two nozzles, a thinner beginner nozzle and a thicker, beaded one for advanced users (this adds a little pleasurable stimulation to the experience).

  1. Start in the bathroom, or make sure you’re within easy reach of the toilet.
  2. Clean the nozzle of the douche, even if it’s brand new. You’re putting that in a sensitive area so it’s best to know it’s clean.
  3. Fill the bulb of the douche with room temperature or slightly warm water. Do not use hot water or cold water as these can injure you. Seriously, room temp is the way to go.
  4. Coat the nozzle and the opening to your anus with lubricant. If the nozzle is made of plastic, silicone lube is best as it stays put and keeps things slippery. If the nozzle to your douche is made of silicone already, try a water-based lube (still slippery but tends to wash away easier, so you may need to reapply). This is because silicone based lubricants can degrade the silicone nozzle over time.
  5. Slowly and carefully insert the nozzle into the anus. Insert only two to three inches or so. You really only want to clean the lower anal cavity in preparation for anal sex. Going further will push water into the colon. While this isn’t dangerous, it may trigger your body to expel more waste than you’d like (think taking a laxative).
  6. Gently squeeze the bulb, filling your anal cavity with water. Remove the bulb BEFORE releasing the squeeze on it. Releasing the bulb inside your body will draw dirty water back into the bulb.
  7. With the water in your anal cavity, you’ll feel full and like you need to use the toilet. This is just what you want. Sit on the toilet and expel the water. It sounds gross but you’ll want to check the water and flush before repeating Steps 2 to 7. To ensure you’re as clean as you can be, you need to check the water each time and repeat the steps until the water is clear.
  8. Clean your douche thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water


That sounds simple enough.

It is! And as you get more experience, there are other douching options to explore.  The Ergo Flo Extra Anal Douche has a larger bulb so you’ll need fewer refills. This particular brand also features air valve technology which reduces the chance of messy backflow.

If you’re looking for a douching tool that does provide a deeper clean, try the Ergo Flo Pro Shower and Travel Douche. This douche attaches to any standard shower head and converts the high pressure flow into a comfortable, safe stream of water for your cleaning needs.


Is there anything else about douching that I need to know?

Here are a few final tips:

  • Douche 1-2 hours before anal play.
  • Go slow and use lubrication.
  • A beaded or grooved douche nozzle can provide extra pleasure and stimulation during cleaning.
  • Douching regularly can affect the sensitive lining of the rectum. Douche in moderation.
  • Enjoy worry free anal play!


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