RodeoH Harnesses

Completely women owned and operated, RodeoH is a premier brand of strap-on harness that wear just like underwear. Comfortable, machine-washable, and stylish, the versatile RodeoH strap-on harnesses come in a wide range of styles and colours. Wear the RodeoH harness as you would underwear, they are comfortable enough to wear all day underneath clothing. Crafted without any buckles or straps, with the comfortable cotton RodeoH harness, you are ready to go in a moments notice. Experience a new level of comfort and a closer connection between you and your partner with RodeoH harnesses.

This incredibly seductive RodeoH Brief Panty Harness features a luxurious black lace overlay on the contrasting purple sides, adding to the appeal of this alluring harness. This simple to use, black cotton underwear-style harness features a comfortable, stretchy waistband.

The RodeoH Boxer Harness is a more full-coverage underwear style that takes comfort to the next level. This simple to use, grey cotton underwear-style harness features a comfortable, stretchy waistband. The strong, firm, cotton wrapped O-ring sewn in the front securely holds the dildo in place during use.

The versatile RodeoH PKG Brief Harness features a redesigned interior with a concealed O-ring, allowing you to use this harness with either a single or double dildo. Comfortable, stylish and machine-washable, this simple to use, heather grey cotton underwear-style harness features contrasting navy trim detailing with green top-stitching and a comfortable, stretchy champagne coloured waistband.