Great New Innovations for Men – Part 2

Utilizing innovative flip-style technology, the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator is a revolutionary product for men. Made of high quality materials and packaged in a discrete, attractive hard casing with a sleek and non-realistic opening, this product is completely reusable. Included with the Tenga Flip Hole are three types of lubricant – the Mild lubricant provides a soft silky feel, the Real lubricant feels just like the real thing, and the Wild lubricant has stimulating menthol for an invigorating experience. Experiment with each of the lubricants to find your favourite. The Tenga Flip Hole has a soft inner sleeve that features fantastically stimulating and arousing textured waves, nodules, bumps and ridges to provide the ultimate in male pleasure. Use the Tenga Flip Hole alone for self-stimulation, or with your partner as a part of foreplay to provide a distinctly unique pleasurable sensation!

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator – Silver: The silver version of the Tenga Flip Hole features a silver external case and a soft inner sleeve that provides tight squeezing sensations through a series of crests, waves, and stimulating angled ridges. (Inner sleeve pictured)

Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator – Black: The black version of the Tenga Flip Hole features a black external case and a soft inner sleeve that provides dynamic stimulation through a series of overlapping walls, curved orbs, and rounded nodes. (External casing pictured)


  • Soft inner textured sleeve provides ultimate arousal and pleasure
  • Hard exterior casing flips open for easy cleaning
  • Three buttons on the exterior casing keep you in control the internal pressure and settings
  • Simple to use for immediate enjoyment
  • Completely reusable for use after use
  • Discrete casing and non-realistic opening
  • Comes with three types of lubricant

Sexual Tips and How to Use:
Three buttons on either side of the Tenga Flip Hole control the internal pressure. Press the top button to massage the head of your penis, press the middle button to tease your shaft and the bottom button for more or less suction. A generous amount of one of the three types of included lubricant is recommended for use with this product for a more comfortable experience.

Cleaning Advice:
Part of what makes the Tenga Flip Hole unique is the innovative flip-open casing, making this product extremely easy to clean. After use, simply flip open the hard exterior casing and rise with warm water, then allow it to air dry on the included stand.

Storage Advice: This product is a fully self-contained unit. After cleaning and allowing to air dry on the included stand, close the case and store in a cool, dry place until you’re ready for the next use.

Sizing and Specs:

  • Height: External hard casing measures 7” tall
  • Length: Silver Tenga Flip Hole accommodates up to 6.0” of length, Black Tenga Flip Hole accommodates up to 6.5” of length
  • Girth: Both Silver and Black Tenga Flip Hole features a 1” opening that stretches to accommodate a girth of up to 2.5” in diameter
  • Material: Hard plastic exterior casing with a soft internal elastomer sleeve
  • Waterproof: Yes

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