“The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasures” Workshop

Join us at 8pm on Friday, March 29 2013 at our Vancouver location for workshop on prostate pleasure. It is based on the book “The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure” and is led by Aislinn Emerizian, the author of the book. 

In this workshop Aislinn will cover tips, tricks, toys, and how-tos for all your prostate pleasures needs! She will also talk about techniques for building trust and discussing desires with your partner, as well as her experiences discussing prostate pleasures with men, women, medical doctors, sexologists, and other experts on the topic. 

The workshop will begin at 8pm and last about 2 hours, including time for questions and book signings. Price of admission is $25 per person and includes a copy of the book and a chance to win a prostate pleasure pack valued around $100!!! To reserve your space today, call HoneyGifts at 1.888.708.8065.