New Techniques for a New Year

It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions again! This year, Honey encourages you to resolve to explore your sexuality in different ways, whether it’s your first time or you just haven’t done it in awhile.

Buy an Erotic Video
Porn can be a great way to learn new sex techniques, explore fantasies and desires, or just get turned on. However, many women are shy to buy or even watch porn. Luckily the porn market has come out with some great female-directed and female-oriented videos within the past couple years. Videos from Sweet Sinner, including The Doctor, include character and story development without sacrificing any of the action. To expand your bedroom techniques, try a video from the educational series such as The Expert Guide to Positions. These movies cover the basics of anatomy and technique before showing you how to put it to work with several different and arousing scenes.

Resolve to Exercise ALL your Muscles
Kegal exercises can greatly improve vaginal health and give you stronger orgasms. However, it can be hard to remember to work these muscles three times a day every day. To help remind yourself, invest in a toy that will do the work for you such as Smartballs or Lelo Luna Balls. These toys have weighted balls which cause your PC muscles to flex each time they hit the wall of your cervix. All you have to do is wear them while you walk, whether it’s cleaning around your apartment or taking public transportation. Bonus: These toys cause blood to rush to the genitals, so they turn your body on and exercise your muscles at the same time!

Discover a New Hole
If you have never put anything in your butt, 2013 is a great year to start. The inside of the anal area is made up of smooth muscle that responds to pressure and stroking. To hit this pleasure area, invest in an anal plug. The Pleasure Plug comes in 3 different sizes to fit your needs and is 100% silicone so it is very easy to clean. To stimulate the inside of you butt while hitting the vibration-seeking nerve endings on the outside, try the Vibrating Anal Beads. This toy is great for beginners because of the graduated ball sizing but is enjoyed by experts for its range of vibration and body-safe silicone material. Nervous? Start with a book such as Tickle my Tush or Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex of Women. These books offer techniques and position for all ranges of experience and cover topics of hygiene, diet, and toys to best maximize your anal pleasure and minimize concerns.

Take More Erotic Baths
Take some time this year to treat yourself to a luxurious bath. Discover the eroticism of a gel bath, move your body around in a jello textured bath you won’t soon forget with Shunga Gel Bath! Another customer favorite is Treasures of the Sea to create a beautiful and moisturizing blue bath that smells like you are in the ocean. Or add a few drops of Naughty Bubbles for an ultra-feminine and silky bubble bath. Grab some erotica like Wet, a waterproof book with a collection of sizzling stories that are sure to make you feel dirty while you’re getting so clean. Be sure to bring along your favorite waterproof vibrator for the ultimate de-stressing experience. Invite your partner for a round of Bathtub Love Sexual Game. This game includes everything you need for a wet evening for two, just follow the glow in the dark suggestions.