Be a Flirt!

Ready to meet someone new and have some fun this holiday season?

 Get your flirt on and snag that cutie with exciting flirty techniques from Honey! 

 First Impressions. The first opportunity for you to get noticed is as soon as you walk in the room. To make it count, be sure to walk with your head held high and your shoulders back to make you look confident and sexy.

Biological indications of arousal.  You know that sex flush you get when you’re aroused? Fake it by pinching your cheeks to bring out their natural color a few seconds before hitting the party. Apply some lip plumper and roll on some sexual attractant pheromones.

Look approachable. Keep your body language relaxed and open by keeping your arms uncrossed, standing with your legs apart, and keeping your body toward the crowd.  This sends the message that you are open to new experiences and new people and makes you less intimidating to approach.

Making conversation. If you are afraid you won’t know what to say, keep in mind the five basic questions of who, what, when, where, and why.  For the ‘who’, talk about who you are there with or who you came to see, like the host of the party or the band that’s playing. The ‘what’ is as easy as what you’re doing, like drinking cocktails, eating food, or watching hockey.  The ‘when’ can be about getting to the party, like how bad traffic was or experiences on public transport. The ‘where’ can be about the environment you’re in, like the music playing or the artwork on the wall. The ‘why’ is about the reason you came there, like the holiday or supporting your friend. If they ask you questions back, that’s good sign. You can also add your own viewpoint to the subject (Did you get caught in traffic? I should have taken the back road) to give them more opportunities to ask you questions. Stick to ordinary topics like the food or the weather and steer clear of controversial topics like sex, religion, and politics. Even if you are in agreement at first, those topics can get heated very quickly.

Body Language. If the person is smiling, leaning in toward you or opens their body to face you, that’s an indication that they’re interested. Take the next step by adding “feel” and “tell” questions, such as tell me why….or how did you feel when…These questions are more open-ended and will require more than a yes or no answer. If the person seems uninterested and is giving you short answers, move on. If you are worried they are just talking to be polite, test them by doing something to bring you away from the conversation like going to get a drink or some food. Offer them some, but don’t ask if they want to come with. If they’re interested in talking with you, they will be eager for you to come back and ask you to bring them something even if they’re not hungry or thirsty. If not, they will take the opportunity to move on and busy themselves with something or someone else.

Eyes. The average face scan lasts about 3 seconds, so to get somebody to notice that you’re noticing them, linger on their face for about 4.5 seconds. Be sure to smile after so they know that you saw something you liked. Also, try sliding your eyes around to different objects, but always bring them back to your love interest for a few seconds before moving onto the next object. You can also do something to bring attention to your eyes, like playing with your hair or applying fun false eyelashes.

Touch Yourself.  Seductively stroking your neck with your fingers and letting it trail down to your cleavage will get him eager to see more. If you toes are showing, bring one foot up behind your leg and gently rub it up and down your calf. Splay your fingers out at the base of your neck. Don’t underestimate the importance of using props to touch yourself. Gently dip your straw in and out of your drink before bringing it to your lips for a soft lick. Stroke the stem of your wine glass with you fingers over and over again.

Touch Them. Keep your touches light and brief then go for more after you have gauged their reaction and time your touches so they fit the situation. Grab his hand right before you cross the street. Touch his arm when you introduce him to your friend or he makes you laugh. The more natural it seems, the less awkward it will be.

Confidence!  Confidence is sexy. If you’re having trouble being confident, channel the energy of somebody who is, whether it’s a friend you admire or a famous cultural icon.

Fake it until you make it. If you are smiling, people will think you are friendlier. If you’re shy, stand up straighter by pulling in your stomach, lifting your chest to the ceiling, and look people in the eye. The best part is the more relaxed and confident you make yourself appear, the more relaxed and confident you will feel in the long run.