Fantasies-Get into Character

Puck Me

He had been looking forward to hockey season all summer long. So you can imagine how bummed he was when he tore his ACL in August. “You’re going to need reparative surgery. No hockey this season. No sports for at least 6 months.” the doctor said.

A couple months into winter, he started to become stir-crazy. So I decided to take action! Our next date night, I put on my sexy hockey player dress, slid my striped socks up to my thighs, and took off my underwear.

“I was wondering if you wanted to play some hockey tonight for our date?” I yell from the other room.

“That’s so mean! You know I can’t play!” he shouts, a little disheartened.

“I think you’ll be up for this game” I say as I walk over to him and grab his cock through his pants. He laughs, nervously, waiting to see what my next move is. I throw him a hockey stick and a puck. “If you can score a goal, then I’m all yours. If not, you have to watch me masturbate until I’m satisfied, but you don’t get to touch me.”

I could tell by his gaze that he was game. I turned around and spread my legs, bending slightly at the hips to reveal my pussy. “Take your best shot” I say, trying to distract him. And it’s working.

“Baby you know if turns me on when you expose yourself to me like that.”

“Really? I had no idea.” I say playfully as I start stroking my pussy. “I guess you’ll just have to focus harder. Because this feels good and I have no intention of stopping until you take that shot.”

I turn around to meet his gaze. His eyes are burning with desire as he watches me. I bend a little further, reaching around to touch my pussy from behind. I’m getting wet and starting to flush. I moan. Loudly.

“Getting distracted by your own distraction?” He says, with a smug smile on his face. Determined to prove him wrong, I make my finger disappears inside my pussy. “That’s right. You better get yourself ready for my cock,” he whispers, “because after I make this shot, you’re going to need it.”

I start fingering myself faster, aroused by his encouragement and thoughts of what’s to come. This time, it’s he who moans. I picture him watching me pleasure myself, and it turns me on more. My breath is getting shorter.

When is he going to take the shot? I can’t take much more. My hips begin to grind against my hand as I move my other hand down to my clit. “Just like that, Baby. I want you to get yourself close.” Both hands are now moving furiously, and I’ve gotten so lost in feeling good that I am completely taken by surprise when I see a puck fly through my legs.

“Game on.” He breathes in my ear, and before I know it I feel his cock thrust into me, deep and hard, as the orgasm takes over my body.

50 shades of Honey

There’s that look again. The one that makes my clit throb. I anticipate his words “get into position. Now.” I quickly stand and scurry to his room, anxiously awaiting the things he’s going to do to me. I kneel to the ground with my hands on my thighs and my eyes on the floor. Soon I’m looking at his feet as he stands in front of me. “Get up” he says, and I eagerly jump to my feet. As I stand, I notice the array of toys he’s laid out for us; for me.

My thighs flush as he pushes me face down into the bed. I smell the leather cuffs as he puts one around each wrist, followed by each ankle. As he brings them back to hogtie me, I let out a breath of excitement. “What did I tell you last time about making noise?” he says as his gaze burns deep into mine. “Not until I say you can.” His voice is deep and passionate as he thrusts the ball gag in my mouth. Bound, gagged, and helpless, just a naked body ready to be used for his pleasure. And I want it so badly.

I follow his glance to the tables of toys, wondering where it will land. He smirks and grabs the nipple gel. As he rubs some into each nipple, I squirm underneath him from the sudden rush of cold and excitement. “I love getting your nipples hard like that. Next we’ll get your clit” He grabs the O’my gel. Immediately I am writhing under the sensation, wanting to cry out for him to touch me deeper. But my moans are muffled by the ball gag.

He reaches out again. This time I see the glimmer of the pure wand dildo before it slides out of my sight. I feel my pussy slowly being spread followed by the warm steel of the dildo inside of me. As he rocks it back and forth, my pussy fills with the burning desire to come. I start to thrust my hips harder against the rhythm of the dildo, trying desperately to come in my restrained position. Just as I am about to explode, he takes the dildo out. “You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”

Feeling helpless and stimulated, my body begins to move against the bed in a desperate attempt to stimulate itself. He laughs at me, knowing I want to come so badly. My face is red and my breath is amplified. The ball gag has gotten wet from my desperate breathing, but not nearly as wet as my pussy. I hear the buzz of the  Hitachi magic wand and know it won’t be long now. I feel the vibration on my inner thighs, my pussy lips, and finally on my clit. “That’s right. Come for me baby” is all I hear as the vibrations take over my pussy and radiate throughout my body. As my body crashes and I come back to reality, I open my eyes and see him smiling at me. “Oh baby, that’s only that beginning” he says, as he unzips his pants.

Bad Cop

My husband has been asking me for years to dominate him. You know, with handcuffs and crops and things I don’t have any idea how to use. I have always been hesitant, but last week he bought me sexy police officer costume. And asked me to pick out the rest.

When I took it out of the package I could feel my flesh starting to tingle. Do I really have it in me to take full seductive and aggressive control over my husband? I slip into the dark blue gartered dress and am immediately hit with a sense of empowerment. Looking at the mirror, I see how the dress hugs my breasts and shows a glimpse of my ass when I bend over. My sense of empowerment begins to grow as I pull up my fishnet stockings. By the time I’m zipping up my black boots, I am ready to take control. I begin to strut, letting my boots fall heavy on my floor. With each step, my police persona takes over a little more and before long I am walking and talking with the confidence of the sexiest cop on the force.

I take the handcuffs I bought yesterday out of the package. The metal feels cold as I twirl them around my finger. Oh yeah, these will be perfect. I reach for my new blindfold and place it next to the bed. I can see him now – sprawled on the bed, handcuffed with his arms behind him, blindfolded, defenseless, and anticipating my next move. I picture myself arresting him and throwing him against the wall for his mandatory strip search. I rip of his clothes and begin to run my new riding crop up and down his naked body, watching as his cock gets bigger with anticipation. I tell him he’s going away for a very long time, unless, of course, he and I can work something out. With his face in my hand, I tell him how he can pay for his crimes, and all it takes is for him to listen and obey everything I say. His eyes widen in excitement as I grab the riding crop again. I am in control, and he is all mine…

The sound of the front door opening quickly snaps me out of my fantasy. “Honey, are you upstairs?” I hear him say. “Yes”, I respond, “And you better get up here. There’s a police officer here and she has some questions for you.”

Extra Credit

Role-playing is hot. My wife and I have tried it a few times before. I love getting lost in our character’s dirty ideas. So when she said she wanted to try something new, I wasn’t surprised. I was just eager to find out what it was. After a few months had past and I had finished my first semester as a high school teacher, I came home one day to find a desk sitting in the middle of my living room.

“Mr. Davis?” she calls as she crosses her legs, showing me a glimpse of her thighs under her plaid skirt.

“Y-yes?” I stammer, trying to avert my eyes quickly so she doesn’t catch me.

“I had a question about number 5. Could you please come over here and help me?”

Trying to hide my growing erection, I walk up next to her and look over her shoulder. She smells like vanilla and looks like a teen boys wet dream.  Her shirt is open one button more than usual, I can’t help but look and when I do she locks her eyes on mine and pushes her breasts together. Her fullness pushes against her blouse, showing me a peek of her red bra underneath.

“What were you having trouble with?” I ask, as I move in closer. She smells so good.

“I feel the answer I gave was correct and should not have been marked down as much as I was.”

Lisa has never been a student who cares about her grades, and so I am surprised she is readily combative about a 2 point test question. I reach down to read why she lost points, but her original answer is crossed out. Underneath it, all it says is “I turned 18 yesterday.”

Startled, I glance over at her. “And my panties match my bra” she says. “I would love for you to take them off with your mouth.”

My pants are quickly tightening as she parts her perfectly glossed mouth.

“When?” is all I can manage to utter.

She’s looking at me and stroking her thighs and all I can think about is pulling up her skirt, pushing her panties to the side and tasting her until she begs me to stop.

“If we’re going to do this, then you better wear that uniform.”  is all I can say as I walk back to my desk before anybody notices my excitement.

“I love our sex together” she whispers, breaking character for one second to reconnect with me. “Me too, Mrs. Davis” I say to my wife of 7 years. “Now, let’s talk about how you can make up those points you lost.”