Position of the Week: The Stopperage

What better way to make use of your furniture then by incorporating it into a hot, new position?  All you’ll need to pull off the Stopperage position are a few couch cushions, a flat surface and a few well-chosen, dirty words – but with some creativity, it won’t be long before you start looking at all your furniture in a whole new way.

She’ll start out by lying back on the bed and raising her hips as he places a cushion (or two) under her buttocks.  You can also use the liberator or position play pillows for support. Take time positioning the cushions so they’re directly under her butt and not the small of her back.  Her pelvis should be slightly tilted upward.  She’ll then bend her knees, pulling them toward her chest as he moves forward and penetrates her.  The Stopperage is completed as he leans forward, places his hands on either side of her and thrusts deeply. 

Having her knees drawn up will effectively contract her vagina, making for a nice tight fir as you enjoy face-to-face intimacy.  To get the perfect angle, couples can use a “sex wedge”, a firm, foam pillow made especially to get into new positions.  This angle makes for very easy penetration so he should be careful not to get too deep before she’s fully aroused, because this can sometimes be painful for women.