Mom Finds Daughter’s Sex Toy Under Bed

Working at Honey, I get to meet the most interesting people and have had some very enlightening conversations over the years. One conversation was with a mom of an 18 year old daughter. She had come upon a case under her daughters bed and opened it up to find a vibrator. The mom owns vibrators herself but she wasn’t sure how she felt about her daughter owning a vibrator at her young age.
I could understand from a mom’s point of view why it would be uncomfortable, as every parent sees their child as innocent and forever a baby but statistics show that the majority of girls have sex for the first time in their teens.
Having sex with someone involves so much fear and intimacy at an age we really know so little. I am not recommending that every young girl own a vibrator but I do believe that a girl should get to know her own body before having sexual intercourse with another person.

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