E-Stim: Spark Up Your Sex Life

April 27th, 2017

Ever heard of electro stimulation? It goes by a few other names: Transcutaenous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and E-Stim being the most common. If it sounds like some sort of complicated medical treatment, you’d be partly right. Medical professionals use TENS devices to send electrical currents through the injured part of the body and patients have said that this can greatly reduce, and in some cases, even cure their pain completely. Basically (and this is very simplified science, here), the feelings of “pleasure” that the device provides move faster to the brain than those of “pain”, thereby blocking the brain from feeling the pain of the injury.

But why write about E-Stim on a sex blog? Because E-Stim devices and toys have become a worldwide sexual phenomenon! Individuals and couples are introducing low voltage E-Stim devices and toys into the bedroom and finding it to be a uniquely pleasurable experience. Read on to have all your questions about E-Stim answered and maybe you’ll want to try it out, too.

Isn’t this a BDSM thing?

People have been using electricity for sexual stimulation for decades and it’s true that we usually picture it as part of the BDSM scene. E-Stim devices set at the highest intensities can provide pain (if that’s what you’re looking for) but a more sensual teasing, pulsing or tickling is much more common.

So, how does it work?

There are billions of nerves in the human body, many of which are found in the erogenous zones. To stimulate these nerves, you’ll need an E-Stim device like the Mystim Tension Lover. This is the power source. From this, you connect either your basic electrodes (included with the Mystim Tension Lover) or one of the many E-Stim toys sold separately. You place the electrodes on the area you’d like to stimulate and turn the device onto the lowest setting, adjusting as desired.

The electrical current will flow between these two electrodes, stimulating the tissue in between. For example, you can place one electrode on the top of the penis and one on the underside, or one on the inner thigh and one on the labia or perineum. You can even use all four included electrodes at once, remembering that one pair will be “positive” and one pair “negative”, meaning that the current will flow between these pairs.

But what does it feel like?

That depends on the device and the settings you choose to use. The feeling of E-Stim can range from a gentle tickling, to a sensual pulsing, to strong muscle contractions (as if your body were experiencing an orgasm).

That’s not to say that E-Stim is a way to achieve instant orgasms. It is a uniquely stimulating experience that feels great and may intensify orgasms if used in conjunction with your other favourite methods.

I tried a tester in store and I got a zap. What’s that about?

Remember that the electrical current always needs somewhere to go. For example, using an E-Stim vibrator to tease the outside of the body won’t work (and, yes, may give you a little zap!) because both conductive plates of the toy need to be touching skin in order to have the proper effect. If in doubt, ask a store employee to help.

That all sounds great, but it still sounds a little dangerous.

Using something like electricity in sexual stimulation always carries a bit of risk, but as long as you follow a few safety guidelines, you’ll have no problems.

  1. Never attach electrodes or use an E-Stim toy on the chest, head or throat as this can interfere with the naturally occurring electrical currents of the heart and brain or, in the case of the throat, cause muscle spasms that can lead to asphyxiation. There are some E-Stim toys that are safe for the chest (e.g, The Barry Bite Body Clamps), but make sure to read all instructions carefully before use.
  2. If you have a pacemaker, you should consult your doctor before using an E-Stim device (even if it is for sexual use, rather than pain management).
  3. Remove all jewellery (e.g, rings, bracelets, genital piercings) before using E-Stim. The electrical currents may cause the metal to heat up.
  4. Do not use any E-Stim device if you are pregnant.
  5. Do not use any E-Stim device on broken or irritated skin.
  6. There has been some debate about whether it is safe to use an E-Stim vibrator if you have a copper IUD. There has been no evidence to suggest that it will cause harm, however it’s always best to consult a doctor.

I’d like to try E-Stim but I don’t want to use electrodes.

Tickling Truman

Not a problem! Honey Gifts carries a range of E-Stim toys that are versatile and fun. Our two E-Stim vibrators – Tickling Truman and Sizzling Simon – are powerful toys that can be used with or without the E-Stim function. The rumbly vibration modes provide a nice backdrop to the sensual prickling of the E-Stim. There’s even a kegel exercise mode that stimulates the muscles in the pelvic floor. Strengthening these muscles can help prevent incontinence and can even lead to stBig Bend-It E-Stim Prostate Stimulatorronger orgasms over time.

Our two E-Stim prostate stimulators (Big Bend-It and Twisting Tom) are made from soft and flexible silicone, allowing them to perfectly stroke the prostate while the E-Stim function provides toe-curling nerve stimulation to the rest of the area.

Partners looking to set out on an E-Stim adventure together can try the Magic Gloves, a delightfully tingly way to massage your lover into ecstasy.

Want to try a little pain with your pleasure? The Barry Bite E-Stim clamps are perfect. This inventive device allows you to use E-Stim on your nipples (and other areas consideBarry Bite E-Stim Body Clampsred unsafe when using regular electrodes) because the electrical current will flow between the two small arms of the clamp, not across a wider area.

The E-Stim options for couples and individuals are so varied and versatile that you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. Just keep in mind that many of these toys will still require the Mystim Tension Lover as the power source.

So what are you waiting for? Browse Honey’s selection of E-Stim toys in store or online and delve into a deliciously stimulating new world.


Keepin’ It Clean: Anal Douching

March 4th, 2017

The world of anal play can be exhilarating, but also a little nerve wracking – especially for first timers. There’s a lot to consider, including that one big question that lurks at the back of our minds… What if I’m not clean enough?

Look, it’s a fact of life that everyone poops (they even wrote a book about it) and there’s always a chance that there will be something left in your anal canal even after a bowel movement. If an accident happens in the bedroom, it may be a little awkward but are you really going to let a normal bodily function get in the way of potentially mind-blowing sex? No? Good.

So, how do I get clean “back there”?

When prepping for anal play, whether you’re looking forward to fingers, toys or full penetrative sex, it’s a good idea to make sure that the area is clean and fresh, not just out of respect for your partner but it will also allow your mind to relax and enjoy the moment. If keeping clean is something you’re interested in, an enema or anal douche is your best friend. Some people don’t feel the need to douche and simply clean the area in the shower beforehand, and that’s perfectly fine too.

Are an enema and a douche the same thing?

There are some differences between an enema and a douche. A douche is usually a squeezable bulb with a long nozzle for insertion and holds less water than an enema (the Ergo Flo Director Anal Douche, for example). It is used for cleaning the anal cavity before anal sex. An enema, on the other hand, is used for a deeper intestinal clean and sometimes comes as a bag with a valve to control water flow. In the world of sex, both terms generally mean the same thing: a tool used to get you clean!

Do I have to just use water? What about soap or body wash?

Some people think that adding soap to their douche will give them a better clean but, trust me, that’s not the case. The lining of the anal cavity is sensitive and using soap or other additives can irritate and cause infection. It’s recommended to use ONLY room temperature or mildly warm water.

Are you going to explain how to douche or not?

Sure! First, you need a douche. I recommend something simple for your first time. The Colt Anal Douche is perfect because it comes with two nozzles, a thinner beginner nozzle and a thicker, beaded one for advanced users (this adds a little pleasurable stimulation to the experience).

  1. Start in the bathroom, or make sure you’re within easy reach of the toilet.
  2. Clean the nozzle of the douche, even if it’s brand new. You’re putting that in a sensitive area so it’s best to know it’s clean.
  3. Fill the bulb of the douche with room temperature or slightly warm water. Do not use hot water or cold water as these can injure you. Seriously, room temp is the way to go.
  4. Coat the nozzle and the opening to your anus with lubricant. If the nozzle is made of plastic, silicone lube is best as it stays put and keeps things slippery. If the nozzle to your douche is made of silicone already, try a water-based lube (still slippery but tends to wash away easier, so you may need to reapply). This is because silicone based lubricants can degrade the silicone nozzle over time.
  5. Slowly and carefully insert the nozzle into the anus. Insert only two to three inches or so. You really only want to clean the lower anal cavity in preparation for anal sex. Going further will push water into the colon. While this isn’t dangerous, it may trigger your body to expel more waste than you’d like (think taking a laxative).
  6. Gently squeeze the bulb, filling your anal cavity with water. Remove the bulb BEFORE releasing the squeeze on it. Releasing the bulb inside your body will draw dirty water back into the bulb.
  7. With the water in your anal cavity, you’ll feel full and like you need to use the toilet. This is just what you want. Sit on the toilet and expel the water. It sounds gross but you’ll want to check the water and flush before repeating Steps 2 to 7. To ensure you’re as clean as you can be, you need to check the water each time and repeat the steps until the water is clear.
  8. Clean your douche thoroughly with a mild antibacterial soap and warm water


That sounds simple enough.

It is! And as you get more experience, there are other douching options to explore.  The Ergo Flo Extra Anal Douche has a larger bulb so you’ll need fewer refills. This particular brand also features air valve technology which reduces the chance of messy backflow.

If you’re looking for a douching tool that does provide a deeper clean, try the Ergo Flo Pro Shower and Travel Douche. This douche attaches to any standard shower head and converts the high pressure flow into a comfortable, safe stream of water for your cleaning needs.


Is there anything else about douching that I need to know?

Here are a few final tips:

  • Douche 1-2 hours before anal play.
  • Go slow and use lubrication.
  • A beaded or grooved douche nozzle can provide extra pleasure and stimulation during cleaning.
  • Douching regularly can affect the sensitive lining of the rectum. Douche in moderation.
  • Enjoy worry free anal play!


See all douches at honeygifts.com


Put A Ring On It

December 24th, 2016

Cockrings. Have you or your partner ever heard the word and thought “Huh?” Even if you’re familiar with the concept, there’s a lot more to those little rubber rings than first meets the eye.

Um… Don’t they just go around the penis to make it bigger? Not that complicated.
True, but that’s not the only reason men use cockrings. When placed around the base of the penis during an erection, the ring becomes tight and prevents blood from moving back to the body, hence prolonged erections. While some guys wear cockrings because they like the look and feel of the bigger penis, men also wear rings for the pleasurable feeling of tightness, to help prevent premature ejaculation, and the potential for delayed and therefore more intense orgasms.

But doesn’t it hurt?
The cockring should never be tight enough to cause pain, just an overall feeling of tightness and pressure. That’s why it’s always a good idea to start off with a stretchy or adjustable cockring to find the right fit.

Seriously, is it dangerous? It sounds dangerous.
If worn correctly and at the right size, there’s no reason for the cockring to cause any damage to the penis. The wearer should take care to wear it for no more than 20 minutes at a time (or 5-10 minutes for a beginner).

How many types of cockrings are there?
Lots! The simplest and most popular style of cockring is the stretchy silicone or rubber. They’re inexpensive, easy to get on and off and there’s no need to fuss over the correct size. You can even find packs of multiple sizes, like the Island Cockrings.

Adjustable cockrings (the ones that look like a lasso, like the Adjustable Erection Holder) are great for beginners. The wearer can adjust the size to be bigger or smaller as needed. This style is great because it can be worn at the base or the penis or behind the testicles for added pressure.

Solid cockrings like the Black Metal Cockring are for more experienced wearers. Knowing your erect size is the way to go (use a measuring tape to check the girth). The upside to using a solid cockring is that they are more durable and can be reused more times than a simple rubber cockring.

Want a little something extra? The Falcon Cockring has a built in tail to massage the perineum while in use. It’s also easy to add a little anal play with the Hawk Plug with Cockring (yes, a butt plug and cockring all in one!)

Finally, vibrating cockrings are the next best thing when it comes to adult sex toys. Made from soft materials like silicone, vibrating rings like the Je Joue Mio are designed with couples in mind. Women enjoy the hands free stimulation of the clitoral vibrations while the man enjoys the vibrations, plus all the other benefits the cockring provides.

Okay, all that sounds pretty good. Any recommendations for the perfect cockring?
Check out some of our favourites below:

Classic Silicone

Merlin 3 Ring Set

Fifty Shades “A Perfect O” Love Ring


An Adjustable Fit

Spank Leather Cockring

Fifty Shades “Again and Again” Adjustable Love Ring


Something Different

8-Ball Cockring

Eagle Plug and Cockring



Vibrating Fun

Luxe Elegant Vibrating Cockring

Bwish Charmed Vibrating Cockring



Ultimate in Luxury

Lelo Tor II Rechargeable Vibrating Cockring

Lelo Oden 2 Remote Control Cockring





Prostate Stimulation 101

October 29th, 2016


Uh, what’s a prostate?
The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut, located just below the bladder.  It’s where the alkaline fluid that makes up the bulk of ejaculate is made. Sperm travel from the testicles, mix in with this fluid then are expelled during ejaculation. The prostate can be stimulated through the perineum, but more directly through the anus.

Why on Earth would I want to do that?
Quite simply: for your health! Regular prostate massage and expulsion of stagnant semen reduces the risk of prostate cancer, prostatitis, some symptoms of erectile dysfunction, and keeps that stream strong. So clearly it’s worth it for the health benefits alone, but just wait ‘til you hear about the mind blowing sensations in store!

But what does it feel like?
Amazing! Like g-spot stimulation for women, prostate massage can open a whole new realm of orgasm. More intense, longer-lasting and even multiple orgasms are within your grasp! Orgasm without ejaculation and ejaculation without orgasm are both possibilities and both feel incredible!

Okay, how do I do this?
The simplest way to start exploring is with a well-lubricated finger, whether your own or a partner’s. The prostate is generally about 3 inches into the anal canal, on the front wall. Once you’ve located your prostate and ready to step up your stimulation game, there are loads of toys on the market to help you reach your orgasmic goals!

First things first: Lube! If you’re using toys, you’ll want to go with something water-based. And thick! Sliquid’s Sassy is an excellent choice; it’s designed specifically for anal use, thick and pH-balanced. Sassy won’t lead you astray! Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked is also great for anal purposes; it’s aloe-based and slightly vanilla flavoured, so really an awesome all-purpose sexual lubricant.

Below you’ll find a few toy recommendations to get you started. Be sure to check out our full selection at honeygifts.com or at either of our storefront locations.

Aneros Helix Syn
: This one was originally designed as a medical device, now marketed as a pleasure toy! It doesn’t vibrate, so you’ll stimulate your prostate by tensing and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. Great for learning to focus on a different kind of pleasure.




Lelo Billy: An excellent introduction to prostate vibration. A subtle curve, strong but not too strong; the Billy’s great for beginners.



Njoy Pure Wand
: You may have heard this one being touted as “the Holy Grail of G-spot toys”, but we’re here to tell you that it’s equally incredible for prostate use! The cool sensation of stainless steel, incredible firmness, two different sized ends, that delicious curve…it’s awesome.


Lelo Hugo
: This guy is our hottest selling prostate toy. With Lelo’s patented Senso-Motion remote technology, you can control the vibrations without having to reach back there, or hand the reigns over to a partner for a thrilling new dynamic. With two motors, one on the perineum and one up by the prostate, the Hugo is sure to turn things up a notch (or five).

Of course, dildos can also be used for prostate stimulation… But more on that next time, when we chat about pegging!

Nuru Massage : A Slippery New World

September 3rd, 2016



What’s Nuru, you ask? It’s a Japanese inspired erotic massage style in which both the giver and the recipient are nude and covered in specially formulated nuru gel. The gel is odourless, tasteless, and won’t stain the sheets! (If you’re worried about your linens, though, there are fluid-proof sheets and blankets on the market. Like our Nuru Magic Bed Sheets and Liberator Sex Blanket, for example.)

The nuru gels we carry are all manufactured in the United States, so you can be sure you’re getting a quality product. The gels are made with natural ingredients like nori seaweed, aloe vera, and chamomile extract, so they’re amazing for your skin! Many nuru gels are intended to be slightly diluted with warm water before drizzling them on your bodies, so grab a special bamboo Nuru Mixing Bowl to make things easier. The large size has handles, so you’ll keep control of your pouring with even the slipperiest hands. Our Nuru Magic Gel Concentrate is the thickest formula available; try it in its undiluted form for play in the shower or tub!


You can use nuru gel as a great alternative to traditional massage oils for your standard sensuous massage, but for the authentic nuru experience the person giving the massage should slide their naked body all over their gel-covered partner. Full body contact like this causes the release of the hormone oxytocin, facilitating bonding between partners and reducing stress. Just as a massage should! (Be sure to trade places so everyone gets to experience the slippery fun from both positions!)

Nuru gel can also be used as a sexual lubricant, so you don’t need to fumble around for more lotions and potions when things get amorous during your sensual massage!



NEW Womanizer Compact Pro

May 10th, 2016


According to Cosmopolitan, the Womanizer Pro Compact is “unlike anything I’ve ever felt before”, while Forbes called it “the closest thing to oral sex you can enjoy solo”. But the glowing reviews don’t stop there. This revolutionary clitoral vibrator is leading the latest trend in sex toys for woman – suction oral stimulators.


These unique vibes work with the world’s only PleasureAir™ stimulator to surround the clitoris without direct contact, thereby reducing hypersensitivity and overstimulation. Its gentle suction paired with pleasurable vibration, earned this innovative vibrator a rating of “orgasm guaranteed” by Germany’s JOYclub and its title as winner of the world’s first “Product of the Year” award.Womanizer-Compact-Pro

Womanizer products are made of high quality, body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. They’re ergonomic, easy to use, and fully rechargeable. It’s water resistant surface is easy to clean and it comes with two, exchangeable stimulation heads – so you’re sure to find the perfect fit! The Womanizer Compact Pro is the newest in the Womanizer line of products.

Visit Honey Gifts Vancouver Canada in store or online to see our selection of Womanizer products.



Gastown Spring Shop Hop

April 5th, 2016



Join us at Honey Gifts in downtown Vancouver on Thursday, April 21st from 5:00 – 9:00 pm for the Gastown Spring Shop Hop!

Once a year, shops and restaurants in Vancouver’s historic Gastown neighbourhood stay open late to host a stylish evening, to mix and mingle, and check out this season’s newest fashions.

Visit our Gastown location at 413 West Cordova St / 350 Water St for light refreshments, to check out our new Spring 2016 products, and for a special shop hop promotion.



Celebrate Steak & BJ Day on March 14th with this romantic recipe!

March 8th, 2016

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Steak and BJ Day was created as a counterpart to Valentines Day – a holiday that many consider to be mostly for women. Celebrated exactly one month later on March 14th, Steak and BJ Day is about two things – meat and blowjobs. So skip the flowers and chocolates, turn up the grill, and check out these fun products guaranteed to make “going down” fun for everyone.


From the book, 10 Recipes to Get You Laid (2011)


2 cuts New York steak (½ lb each)
1 cup couscous
2 large tomatoes
1 small shallot
6 whole blackberries
1 cup beef broth/stock
1 cup ruby port
1 tablespoon salted butter
olive oil
salt and pepper


Peel and chop shallots. Set aside.

Lay the tomatoes on their side and cut into ½” thick slices.

Cut all the blackberries in half.

Lightly season the steaks with salt and pepper. Set aside.


Cook the couscous according to package instructions.

While the couscous is cooking, turn the BBQ to high heat and place a small frying pan on medium heat. Drizzle olive oil to coat the pan.

When the oil is warm, pout shallots into the frying pan and stir with a wooden spoon for 30 seconds.

Remove frying pan from heat and pour 1 cup ruby port in the pan. Return to stove and turn to high heat. Bring the port to a full boil and cook for an additional 7 minutes.

Add beef broth and whole peppercorns. Bring sauce to a full boil and cook for an additional 10 minutes.

Place steaks on the hot BBQ. Flip after 4-6 minutes.

Grill tomato slices on the BBQ for 3 minutes on each side.

Remove steak and tomatoes from the grill and place in a warm stove until the sauce is ready.

Whisk butter into the sauce, add blackberries and simmer on low heat for 2-3 minutes.

Serve steak over the couscous with a spoonful of sauce and tomatoes on the side.




Erotic New Year’s Resolutions

December 26th, 2015

Erotic New Year's Resolutions Vancouver Canada

Do you have a new year’s resolution yet? According to a recent study, the top three new year’s resolutions are to stick to a budget, exercise regularly, and eat healthier. While these are great new year’s resolutions that can help you live your best life, here at Honey Gifts we want you to consider making a few new year’s resolutions to improve your sexual health and happiness, too! Whether you are single, dating, or in a long-term relationship, there are lots of easy and fun ways you can improve your sex life.

Get To Know What You Like – For some women, masturbation is already a part of their sexual repertoire, and that’s great! Others may be exploring their body for the first time. Keep in mind that masturbation is part of a normal and healthy sex life, and can have lots of benefits for the body, too. Sexual health researchers have found that having an orgasm releases tension, relieves stress, and can help you get to sleep. Who knew! Masturbation can also improve your partnered sex life, too. Knowing how you like to be pleasured makes it easier to communicate with your partner what you enjoy. For women that are uncertain where to begin, we recommend trying a versatile and easy to use vibrator that you can use internally for g-spot stimulation and externally for clitoral pleasure, such as the Lelo Gigi 2.

Explore Your Sexual Fantasies – Getting the sex life you really want is about communicating your sexual desires and exploring your fantasies. Feeling a little shy? One way to easily bring up sexual fantasies with your partner is to read short erotic stories to each another, and then talk about what parts of the story that turned you on the most. The Sweet Life: Erotic Fantasies for Couples is a short story anthology for couples to inspire and arouse you. Another great way to share fantasies with your partner is to watch adult erotic films together. Erika Lust’s downloadable adult films are tastefully erotic and sensual movies that celebrate sexuality, intimacy, and genuine passion between couples. Watching an erotic film with your partner can easily and quickly get you in the mood for a night of intimacy, and bring you closer together through your shared sexual experience. If you are starting the new year solo, erotic stories and adult films are a great way to explore your own sexuality, too.

Try Something New – One of the great things about a new year is feeling like you get to start fresh. So why not try something new that you’ve been interested in for awhile now? Whether you are picking out your first sex toy or already have a few, trying out a new adult sex toy can bring a lot of sexual pleasure and enjoyment to your solo or partner sex life. The new Fun Factory G5 Tiger Deluxe Vibrator is a USB rechargeable vibe that has stimulating textured ridges and ultra-strong vibrations. Curious about bondage? The 50 Shades of Kink: Introduction to BDSM book and Beginner Bondage Fantasy Kit will get you started. Want to try a new sex position? The informative Sex Deck accompanied by the supportive Liberator Wedge make it easy to get into different sexual positions.

Have a safe and happy new year’s from Honey Gifts!

Romantic Holiday Gift Guide

November 24th, 2015

Romantic Holiday Gift Guide Vancouver Canada

With the holidays fast approaching, we’ve put together a romantic holiday gift guide with some of our most popular gift ideas for that special someone on your list. Whether you are searching for something nice or something a little more naughty, Honey Gifts has what you need for the perfect romantic holiday with your partner.

For Her:

Nice: When it comes to choosing the perfect romantic gift for her, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful lingerie set. The Eberjey Estelle Underwire Bra and Eberjey Estelle Thong are a chic and stylish lingerie set that is comfortable enough for daily wear, making it a practical yet breathtakingly seductive gift. For the ultimate splurge, get her a Bracli Begos Pearl Bra and Bracli Paris Your Night Pearl Thong. The Bracli pearl lingerie sets are lovingly created in Spain using real pearls and Chantilly lace from France.

Naughty: The newly released Lelo Nea 2 Women’s Vibrator is beautifully adorned with elegant floral detailing, making this gift as beautiful to behold as it is pleasurable to use. This high quality, recharagable clitoral vibrator from award-winning designers at Lelo is stronger than the original Nea vibrator and is fully waterproof. Another popular gift this holiday season is the incredibly powerful and textured Fun Factory G5 Tiger Deluxe Vibrator. The Fun Factory G5 Tiger provides extra thrills with a gently sloping curved tip that is designed for g-spot stimulation, while the raised ridge at the base provides clitoral pleasure.

For Him:

Nice: The stylish and comfortable SAXX boxers come in a wide range of fun colours and patterns. SAXX underwear feature a revolutionary, patented comfort front pouch made from soft mesh. What makes SAXX boxers so comfortable is a breathable front pouch that is designed to provide additional support, prevent uncomfortable friction, and reduce irritation from chafing. Just in time for the holidays, SAXX has released two different special edition Saxx Holiday Boxer 3-Packs with seasonal-themed patterns.

Naughty: For the man that is curious about prostate stimulation, Lelo has developed a line of high quality, waterproof, rechargeable prostate stimulators. The Lelo Loki, Lelo Bruno, and Lelo Hugo are comfortably smooth, angled prostate stimulators that deliver ultra-powerful vibrations at the touch of a button. New from Fleshlight are the discreet and portable Fleshlight Go Surge and the Fleshlight Go Torque male masturbators. The Fleshlight Go series are more compact and lighter than the original Fleshlight, making this sex toy for men easy to use. Use the Fleshlight with your partner during foreplay for a little extra naughtiness under the mistletoe this holiday season.

For Both:

Nice: Use a Shunga Massage Candle to set the mood for a night of romance on a cold winter night. This luxurious massage candle melts into a sensual, warm massage oil for giving your partner an unforgettable massage. For those that are curious to try several different intimacy enhancing products, the Kama Sutra Weekenders Kit makes the perfect gift. This kit includes Kama Sutra’s most popular intimacy enhancing products, from the delicious edible honey dust to the slippery love liquid lubricant, this set contains petite travel-friendly versions of all the romantic products you want to try.

Naughty: We-Vibe has designed some of the most popular sex toys for couples in the last decade. The latest We-Vibe 4 Plus is a waterproof, rechargeable couples vibrator that is worn while making love, providing pleasurable vibrations for both partners. Use the remote to change the setting of the vibrations, or discreetly, securely, and privately send your partner pleasurable vibrations using the free downloadable app for your smartphone. Experience added sensations while using the We-Vibe 4 Plus with the Wet Together Couples Lubricant. This unique lubricant set includes two different formulas, a tingling one for her, and a warming one for him. When combined, the two exciting sensations become even more heightened.

Happy Holidays from Honey Gifts!