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Honey is Canada's and US's choice for Womens G-spot Vibrators!

G-spot: Named for German physician Ernst Grafenberg, who first discovered it, the G-spot is located a couple of inches inside the entrance to the vagina, above the pubic bone on the front of the vaginal wall. New to G-spot stimulation? Start with some hands-on exploration on your own. Insert one or two fingers into your vagina and bend them towards the front wall, applying pressure toward the pubic bone until you feel a small, bean-sized, slightly ridged mass of firm tissue. Feel a pleasant sensation? You’ve hit the spot. While some women enjoy stimulating the G-spot with their fingers, others prefer the ‘filled up’ feeling of a vibrator. G-spot vibrators are specially curved or shaped to stimulate your personal pleasure spot. Customer favourites include the Crystallessence Chubby G-Spot Vibrator, Fun Factory’s Gigolo and G-Spot Worm, Ultime and Jolie from Natural Contours and the Glass G-Spot with Micro Mini Vibe.

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