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Edible Delights

Think back to the best meal you ever had. Chances are, it wasn’t just the taste of the food that made it fabulous. It was probably also the lighting, the music, and the various textures of the meal that stimulated your senses. It’s the same with lovemaking. The more of your partner’s senses you tantalize, the more erotic the experience for both of you. Some surefire, sensual ways to leave your partner begging for more… Use chocolate to paint erotic designs or words in unexpected places on your partner’s body and slowly lick them off. A sexy blindfold heightens your lover’s senses and creates anticipation. Feed your partner sweet morsels of honey-dipped fruit, or whisper hot, breathy, not-so-sweet nothings in their ear. Caress your lover’s skin lightly with an airy-soft feather, rose petal or silky lingerie. Cue up some smoky, sultry jazz or other music to suit your mood.

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